How To Explosive Strength Exercises

Sport is an activity that increasingly conquers more people. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to sit down, work with machines and forces, do resistance exercises, team activities or a combination of several; there are as many sports as tastes.

Likewise, there are different variants and models of exercises focused on very specific objectives. Most of the time, people who choose to join a gym do so to be able to lose those extra kilos and, in addition, to be able to get a little muscle that marks their figure. For these types of goals, there are different types of options and routines but, without a doubt, one of the most effective is that of explosive force.

It has been shown that performing exercises quickly and with a great concentration of effort helps and speeds up muscle growth, so if you are thinking of shaping your figure for next summer, in this new, we are going to give you different ideas of explosive strength exercises for you to put into practice.

Table Of Content

1. jump squat
2. high jumps
3. depth jumps
4. Medicine ball rotations
5. push-up push-ups
6. Rocking lunges
7. crossover with sleigh
8. split jerk
9. Kettlebell swing
10. hang snatch

Jump Squat

This exercise contains all the resistance of a squat, but ends with an explosive force translated into a jump :

  1. We will stand upright with our feet hip-width apart.
  2. We go down slowly making force with the buttocks and trying to get the knees past the line of your feet.
  3. When going up, jump up, stretching your feet and knees.
  4. As you land, return to the knee bend position.

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Explosive Strength Exercises - Jump Squat

High Jumps

For this exercise, we will need to use a loft or step where we can jump and maintain a reasonable height from the ground. You can start low and as you gain strength and agility you can increase the height of the step or loft.

  1. We will stand in front of the step or loft.
  2. We bend our knees and begin to gain momentum.
  3. When the legs are parallel to the body, we will jump by exerting force with the central part of the body and the abdomen until reaching the top of the step with both feet.
Explosive Strength Exercises - High Jumps

Depth Jumps

This exercise is very similar to the high jump but doing the opposite movement :

  1. We will stand on the loft or step with our feet aligned.
  2. At the time of gaining momentum, we will jump down to the surface of the ground by bending our knees.
  3. Without waiting more than 2 seconds, we will jump again to recover the initial position.
Explosive Strength Exercises - Depth Jumps

Medicine ball rotations

For this exercise we will need to use a ball or medicine ball to be able to load weight in a dynamic way.

  1. We will stand with our knees slightly bent and our feet hip-width apart.
  2. We take the medicine ball with both hands and drop it to the height of our chain.
  3. We will start a pendulum movement taking the ball in a quick movement to one of the ends of our side.
  4. We let the ball follow its own inertia to go to the other side and we repeat the force towards the first side.

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Explosive Strength Exercises - Medicine Ball Rotations

Push-up push-ups

For this exercise we will only need our body, taking the classic push-ups one step further to work the upper part of the body :

  1. We will stand face down with our knees and hands as the only points of support and our feet intertwined up high.
  2. We begin to do the push-up by lowering the weight of the body on the arms.
  3. When going up, we make an explosive force that lifts our hands off the ground.
  4. When coming down from the jump we flex again and repeat.
Explosive strength exercises - Push-ups with momentum

Rocking lunges

For this exercise we will need a medicine backpack or a weight, such as a medicine ball that we can handle with the help of handles:

  1. We will stand with the weight held with the hands at chest height.
  2. The movement is pendulum and consists of simulating the action of rowing. While bending one of the knees towards the ground, we lift the weight of the medicine backpack and take it to the opposite end, lowering the backpack at the same time and reaching the same height as the bent leg.
  3. Immediately after going up, we switch legs and sides and repeat.
Explosive Strength Exercises - Swing Lunges

Crossover with sleigh

This is one of the explosive strength exercises. It will work mainly on lateral strength and we will need a weight to which we can hook harnesses and be able to drag it along the ground:

  1. We will stand with the weight arranged on one of the sides.
  2. With the closest hand, we will hold the harness.
  3. We will begin to make an explosive force by moving the legs in a lateral direction to drag the weight throughout the space.
  4. After about 4 or 5 strides, we change sides.
Explosive Strength Exercises - Sled Crossover
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Split jerk

For this type of explosive strength exercise we will need a barbell weight :

  1. We must stand with our feet in line with our hips and raise the weight with a barbell being held on our pecs.
  2. At the time of expelling the air, we make an explosive movement and while we lift the weight with the strength of our arms above the head, we make a stride in place leaving one knee forward and one leg back.
  3. We will return to the initial standing position with the weight on the chest and repeat with the other leg.
Explosive Strength Exercises - Split Jerk

Kettlebell swing

The Kettlebell Swing requires a kettlebell or weight with a handle or, failing that, a medicine ball and works mainly on the abdominal and lower back:

  1. We will stand with a straight back and feet in line with the hips, holding the weight with both hands.
  2. We bend our knees and with a straight back we will drop the weight slightly towards the ground.
  3. We begin the explosive movement by lifting the weight with the strength of our arms until our back is straight again.
  4. With the pendulum movement, we let the weight go between our legs and we repeat the force on the rise.

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Explosive Strength Exercises - Kettlebell Swings

Hang snatch

This is one of the most classic exercises in the gym and weightlifting. As for the Split Jerk, we will need a barbell, but the movement will be different:

  1. We will stand with a straight back and legs separated at hip height and holding the weight bar in dead weight separating the arms from the torso.
  2. We bend our knees and tilt the weight of the torso with a straight back.
  3. We take momentum and continuing with a straight back, we raise our arms strongly, making a slight bend in the elbows until we lift the weight above our head.

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