Benefits of kettlebell training

Training with Russian weights or kettlebell allows to obtain good results by developing routines different from those we are used to. The advantage that this type of training offers us is being able to work different parts of the body through the coordination of exercises that combine strength and cardiovascular work. One of the advantages of using the kettlebell is keeping the center of gravity out of our hands, which allows us to perform ballistic exercises, that is, those with which many kilos are moved at high speed.

Tired of always doing the same exercises? Do you want to try something new? we show you the benefits of training with kettlebells so that you know all the advantages of doing this type of exercise.

Table Of Content

1. Who are kettlebells suitable for?
2. Train at home!
3. Enhance functional strength
4. Combine cardio and strength
5. Coordination, gain agility
6. Fun and easy to learn
7. Lose weight

Who are kettlebells suitable for?

One of the main benefits of training with kettlebells to highlight is that it is very practical and accessible to everyone. Whether you are a person used to performing more complex exercises, or if you lead a more sedentary life and start in the world of exercises with weights, the use of the kettlebell is suitable for you. In addition, this training will allow you to achieve your goals without performing the typical boring and repetitive exercises. According To Obi Vincent ULTIMATE FULL BODY KETTLEBELL WORKOUT (Beginners and Advanced)

Train at home!

Kettlebells are a good option for those who prefer to exercise from the comfort of their home. If you also live in a small apartment, definitely the use of kettlebell will prevent you from further reducing the available space. There are those who do not like to exercise at home, since they have more distractions and, as a consequence, it is easier to interrupt the training or not be focused enough as in a gym. However, this will depend on each one. In addition, they are quite cheap and will last us many years.

Benefits of kettlebell training - Train at home!

Enhance functional strength

One of the biggest benefits of kettlebell training is that it offers high functional training, as we engage different parts of the body in unique and individual ways. By performing different types of movement with the whole body, we manage to improve the body globally, with better results than machines. In this way, through exercises with kettlebells, we will strengthen the tendons and ligaments, making the joints more resistant and avoiding possible damage.

After several weeks of training it is easy to start seeing the results of training with the kettlebell, in the simple act of climbing stairs or carrying groceries. So go ahead and add to the benefits of kettlebell training.

Kettlebell Training Benefits - Boost Functional Strength

Combine cardio and strength

Some people prefer to perform exercises that increase their cardiovascular resistance, while others carry out training focused on increasing their strength. This division disappears when we decide to include kettlebells in our exercise routine. Kettlebell training is excellent for powering our body in all aspects, combining exercises that will increase our strength while strengthening cardiovascular endurance. If in doubt, another of the benefits of training with kettlebells that we should consider.

Coordination, gain agility

Hold on because if in the previous point we discovered one of the greatest advantages of using kettlebells in our training, in this one we focus on another very important one. We must bear in mind that when we have the objective of increasing our muscle mass, losing weight or improving our resistance, we accustom our brain to a series of repeated exercises that, in the end, we already know very well. Russian weights require great coordination and control of movements that will provide us with greater mobility and dexterity. As a consequence, we will not only be stronger, slimmer or healthier, but we will also be more agile .. Let’s remember: not everything is strength, we also need the ability to coordinate our movements, and our brain has a lot to do with this.

Benefits of kettlebell training - Coordination, gain agility

Fun and easy to learn

Conventional dumbbell training focuses on muscles, while one of the benefits of kettlebell training is that it’s about improving combined strength and aerobic capacity. With the use of kettlebell, we improve movements and make training a much more fun time.

On the other hand, the exercises that we perform with kettlebells and, in general, the routines incorporated in the training are simple and we will begin to learn quickly, regardless of age and experience. Kettlebell Workout for Women According To nourish move love 

Lose weight

If your goal with the kettlebell exercise routine is to lose weight, you have chosen the right option. By performing exercises that enhance functional strength, we achieve high metabolic wear since we apply weight around our entire body. Likewise, training with kettlebells includes strength exercises that stimulate the creation of muscle mass and, therefore, burn fat caloric reserves during the day, when our metabolism is at rest. But in addition, another advantage of exercising with kettlebells is the stimulation of growth hormone, which helps burn fat.

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