How to start doing push-ups

Do you want to start doing push-ups? It is one of the most complete exercises for the upper part of our body. But not everyone finds them easy and, especially, beginners in the world of fitness can easily become demotivated. But you have to be insistent and, in addition, execute the movements correctly to be able to do this arm exercise easily. This movement serves to strengthen and tone mainly the muscles of the arms, shoulders and chest.

So, if you’re tired of thinking that you can’t do push-ups and you want to start strengthening this part of your body.

Table Of Content

1. Muscles involved in push-ups
2. Exercises to strengthen the push-up muscles
3. Start doing push-ups with modifications
4. How to do standard push-ups correctly
5. Tips for not making mistakes in push-ups

Muscles involved in push-ups

Push-ups are one of the most complete movements to strengthen our upper body. This exercise serves to work mainly the muscles of the shoulders, arms, chest and abdomen. Specifically, the muscles that will be strengthened will be:

  • pecs
  • triceps
  • Biceps
  • anterior deltoids
  • ABS

Executing this floor exercise, although it may seem to us that the part that we work the most are the arms, in reality the pectorals are the muscles that are exercised the most. In addition, depending on which angle and which part we lift more, we can use the upper part of this muscle more or, if we lift the torso well, use the lower part of the pectoral more.

After this muscle, the ones that work the most in push-ups are the triceps, which do a large part of the work when it comes to doing the movement to raise the torso correctly. If our goal is for this muscle to strengthen and develop more than others during the routine, we should place the arms closer to the chest, that is, with less distance between the hands on the ground.

The same happens if we want to work the biceps more and in the case of the abdominal muscles, if we do the movement well, we will always be exercising it since it will help us maintain balance and optimal posture.

How to start doing push-ups

Exercises to strengthen the push-up muscles

It is normal that when we want to start doing this type of movement the first few times it does not go well for us and we do not see ourselves as capable of completing one, but with perseverance, practice and a little help in a short time we will be able to achieve it. If this is your case, to make it easier to start doing push-ups from scratch, it is good that you first focus on individually exercising the muscles that make it possible to do them, thus achieving the necessary strength.

The main exercises to prepare the muscles well before starting to do push-ups are the following:

  • bicep curls
  • cable chest press
  • bench press
  • Crossed wire
  • dumbbells
  • dominated
  • ABS

It is very important that you exercise well all the muscles involved in this movement without forgetting any, so in a short time you will be able to start doing them well. Do not focus only on the arms and chest and remember to work the abdominal area since it is a vital group of muscles to stabilize us during the exercise.

Start doing push-ups with modifications

As starting to do standard push-ups can be hard for the first few days, there are some modifications that can be made to make this exercise much easier and, little by little, to gain strength in the necessary muscles. In the case of standard push-ups, the head, neck, back and legs must be in a straight line, while the hands and arms placed at shoulder height help us to separate ourselves and get closer to the ground. Some variations to make it easier for you, are the following:

Push-ups supporting the knees

Push-ups supporting the knees

  1. Put a mat on the floor or a folded towel.
  2. Position yourself exactly the same as when you are going to do the normal ones, but this time, instead of resting your feet, rest your knees on the ground and raise your feet.
  3. Execute the movement the same as if you did it in the standard position.

push-ups in bed

push-ups in bed

  1. Rest your hands apart on the edge of the bed or sofa, or on the surface of a piece of furniture that allows you to have your hands at waist or hip height, as is most comfortable for you.
  2. Make sure your feet are firmly on the ground.
  3. It executes the movement the same as in the case of the standard ones.

You will see that these modified push-ups help you to gain strength and tone the necessary muscles so that in a short time you can do the normal ones correctly.

How to do standard push-ups correctly

To continue with the routine to start doing this exercise, you must know in detail how to do push-ups correctly. To do this, pay attention to the steps to follow to do push-ups on the floor :

  1. On a mat or towel, lie on your stomach and place your hands firmly on the sides of your chest, in line with your shoulders.
  2. Support your feet well, a little apart or together as you find most comfortable, and lift your torso off the ground, making force with your arms and chest to raise this part of your body.
  3. Try not to raise your hips or raise your head, you must stay in a straight position.
  4. When you bend your arms, take a deep breath and lower your torso until you are close to the ground but do not rest on it.
  5. As you exhale, return to the position with your arms extended and your torso raised in a straight line.

You must perform 3 sets of 10 movements each and rest for a while, doing another exercise for another part of the body, before doing more sets.

How to start doing push-ups - How to do standard push-ups correctly

Tips for not making mistakes in push-ups

Some important recommendations to do this exercise well and not make quite common mistakes are the following: According To ATHLEAN-X™ STOP DOING PUSHUPS LIKE THIS

  • Pay close attention to staying straight, not raising your hips when you go up and not rounding your back when you go down. This is a very common mistake that can lead to lumbar injuries. To avoid this, if you are still unable to do it with your feet on it, it is better to do the movement with your knees supported, your feet elevated and your abdomen contracted.
  • Just as you should not raise your head, you should not lower it to touch your chest with your chin. This poorly done gesture can cause a problem in the cervical and trapezius.
  • Very exaggerated movements of the arms when extending them can damage the elbows and wrists. So, be careful not to push too hard going up, it’s better to go up and down slowly. In addition, in this way all the muscles will work more and better.
  • Always use a mat or a towel so you don’t slip or hurt your knees if you lean on them.
  • As you get better at standard push-ups, dare to start with some more complex modifications like T-push-ups, reaching one arm out to the side as if reaching for the ceiling each time you rise into a push-up.
  • It is very important that you do stretches after doing push-ups, but it is also important that you do them before.
  • Of course, it is always best to seek the help and advice of a personal trainer, who will teach you how to do the exercises correctly and help you know which ones are best for you.

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