How many calories are burned jumping rope?

Jump rope is a very fun exercise that reminds you of childhood, but it is also an excellent physical activity to keep fit, lose weight and burn fat. And this exercise is an excellent calorie burner. In fact, they are able to burn more than with other physical activities, in addition to doing it in less time because it is a more intense exercise. Now, it all depends on how you jump rope and the rhythm you have.

we are going to explain to you how many calories are burned by jumping rope so that you take it into account in your workouts and you can better plan your exercise routine, especially the cardio part. Thus, by controlling how many calories you burn jumping rope, you will be able to determine the time of aerobic exercise with that of toning or other activities.

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1. How many calories are 30 minutes jumping rope
2. How to lose belly fat jumping rope
3. Do you burn more calories jumping rope or running?

How many calories are 30 minutes of jumping rope?

As we have mentioned before, jumping rope is an excellent exercise because it burns a lot of calories in a short time. In addition, the advantage is that you do not need a large infrastructure to do it because it is an activity that can be practiced in the gym, but also in the park and even in your own home, since you only need a jump rope. How Long Does It Take To Burn 1000 Calories Jumping Rope Dudes?

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But, well, let’s talk about calories now because you’re probably wondering how many calories you burn jumping rope. Well, the answer is that it’s 340 calories if you jump rope for 30 minutes.

However, the calorie burn can be even higher depending on how fast you jump rope and if you jump a little higher than lifting your feet just enough to clear the rope. In this way, the faster you jump and jump higher, you manage to burn more calories, being possible, even to double the 340.

Calorie burning is also influenced by how you jump rope. And it is not the same to be jumping always the same and in the conventional way to jumping, for example, with the rope in the opposite direction or alternating the movement. Of course, the more effort, the more calories you will have burned jumping rope.

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How to lose belly fat jumping rope

Burning more calories by jumping rope to lose belly has its trick, so to speak. Well, rather, they are a series of options that you have at your disposal to increase your calorie burn while jumping rope. And how is it done? What must be considered?

  • String – The string you choose is especially important. And it has to be the right length for you to optimize the exercise and be able to do the right movements. And it is that, if it is very long or very short, you will have to force the posture and you will not be able to go as fast as you want. To choose the rope well, make sure that the length is not greater than the height of your armpits when you are standing.
  • Jumping – Jumping is also especially important because if you don’t jump properly, you won’t burn as many calories. You always have to jump with your feet a little apart and with your body straight.
  • Altitude: although when jumping it is always convenient that the jump is not just enough for the jump to pass, the truth is that it is not beneficial for the jump to be excessively high because it will slow down the speed, in addition to being able to damage the knees.
  • Rhythm: To burn more calories jumping rope, you also have to vary the rhythm, alternating between a slower speed of jumping and another faster because this speeds up the metabolism more.
  • Style – Variation in style is also important. The most effective way to burn more calories jumping rope is to first jump with one foot and then with both, only to jump back with the opposite foot and so on. Also, it is very effective to jump rope while running.

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Do you burn more calories by jumping rope or running?

When it comes to talking about how many calories you burn jumping rope, there are always comparisons with other sports that do not require any equipment or installation, as is the case with running.

And the truth is that the rope beats running in relation to how many calories are burned jumping rope. In general, it is estimated that 10 minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to running for 30 minutes, taking into account that you have to do two jumps per second and practice running at a normal pace.

With these explanations about how many calories are burned by jumping rope, we hope that we have helped you to know more about this physical activity and how you can intensify it so that you control how many calories you burn by jumping rope and organize your training. Always, before doing any exercise, it is convenient that you consult an expert.

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