How many calories do I burn on a bicycle?

If you normally move around your city riding a bicycle or if the aerobic exercise that you like the most in the gym is doing a stationary bicycle, surely you will be interested in knowing how many calories you burn on a bicycle.

As you should know, doing 10 minutes of exercise is not the same as half an hour, nor is it the same to go at a normal speed or a fast speed, just as it is not the same to exercise with muscle pain after days of training than without it. Although for these cases there is nothing like the pressotherapy treatments that we can find with products such as those from SIZEN, we help you to reveal the question that you have surely asked yourself: how many calories do I burn on a bicycle? Read on and you will find out! how many calories do i burn swimming?

Table Of Content

1. The time of the bike activity
2. pedaling intensity
3. Benefits of the bike

The time of the bike activity

Before knowing how many calories are burned by cycling, it is important that you know how many calories are recommended each day: for women, the calories should be 2,000 per day, for men the recommended calories increase to 2,500 or 3,000 per day. If you want to lose weight, it is important that you carry out a hypocaloric diet to reduce the number of daily calories and thus lose weight. Learn more According to Global Cycling Network How Many Calories Do You Burn When Cycling?

You should know that the minimum exercise time with the bicycle (and with any other aerobic activity) is 20 minutes, it is the basic time to start burning fat that we have stored. However, the advisable time is 30 minutes a day to notice some kind of result and lose weight progressively. How many calories does running burn?

There are different formulas and calculators that can help you calculate how many calories you burn by cycling, however the actual caloric expenditure does not depend only on the time you are practicing sport but also on the intensity. If you pedal at a low intensity, that is, about 16 km/hour, you can calculate the calories you burn by following this formula:

  • 0.049 x (Your Weight x 2.2) x Total Practice Minutes = Calories Burned

In general terms and always bearing in mind that the intensity is low, the calorie expenditure over time could be summarized as follows:

  • A person of about 63 kg burns 6.4 calories every minute (approximately)
  • With 20 minutes of riding a bike, you can burn 128 calories
  • With 30 minutes of cycling you can burn 192 calories
  • With 40 minutes of cycling you burn 256 calories
  • With 1 hour of cycling you can burn about 384 calories

You must bear in mind that in order to lose 1 kilo of weight, the calories that must be burned are 7700 kcal, if the person enjoys a healthy diet and does not suffer from morbid obesity.

Pedaling Intensity

However, cycling for 20 minutes at a slow pace (16 km/hour) is not the same as doing it at a high pace or increasing the intensity (with slopes). The activity of the spinning gyms plays, precisely, with the different intensities and rhythms that can be given to a bicycle, thus achieving that in the same period of time more calories are burned.

Burn Fat Faster

The faster you pedal, the more your body burns fuel (fat) and activates more muscles; your heart rate increases and your body requires more energy and oxygen. This process gets your body to go to the reserves of saturated fat and use them to provide the necessary energy.

In addition to pedaling speed, you can also burn more calories on the bike if you increase the intensity of the exercise; that is, if you increase the force that your legs have to do to move forward as if you were on a slope. With this, you also make your muscles demand more energy to be able to move forward and therefore burn more calories. And if you want to perform even better on the bike, the SIZEN pressotherapy machine will allow you to recover at home from the swelling and muscle load caused by sports activity so that you are at your best the next day to continue pedaling.

Taking into account that a high intensity of physical exercise on a bicycle is considered to advance 20 km/hour, the caloric expenditure achieved with this intensity can be calculated with this formula:

  • 0.071 x (Your weight x 2.2) X Total minutes of exercise = Calories burned

Following this formula, you will be able to know how many calories you burn on a bicycle if your activity is intense. In any case, at OneHowTo we would like to recommend that if you are not used to high intensity, it is best to progressively increase your physical activity to prevent your muscles from suffering premature fatigue.

Benefits of the bike

Now you know approximately how many calories you burn on a bicycle, however, in addition to losing calories, the bicycle brings important benefits to your body that it is good that you know:

  • tone your legs and butt
  • Increase your physical resistance
  • Strengthens your abdomen since to maintain balance on the bike, the muscles of the abdominal area are used

It should be noted that if your goal is to lose weight, not only is it enough to practice daily exercise: it is important that you accompany your sports routine with a hypocaloric diet that helps you in your goal of losing weight. Exercise and diet are inseparable allies to lose weight.

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