how many calories do i burn swimming

Runningspinning, swimming, cardiovascular exercises, fitness … Doing any type of sport is essential to keep your body active, healthy and in perfect shape. But… do you know which one is the most suitable for you? If your goal is to lose weight and burn calories, pay attention to the following article. You should know that with any exercise you will burn calories, but the amount will depend on variables such as intensity, the body mass of each one and environmental conditions. Next, we explain how many calories you burn swimmingBet on this sport and with perseverance and desire, you will notice all its benefits.

Steps to follow:

1. It is difficult to determine how many calories can be burned in each sport, since it is not a closed number but rather depends on multiple conditions. Your weight, body mass, intensity, resistance, performance time or the environment can determine the number of calories you can burn. However, it is important that you keep in mind that playing sports is essential to maintaining a healthy body.

2. If anything can help us burn calories more quickly, it is aerobic activities and swimming stands out among them. Swimming is one of the exercises that will allow you to spend more calories since water does not allow you to accelerate body movement, which implies reducing movements. However, it is very effective since swimming allows you to swim at different intensities and speeds and, therefore, burn more calories. In addition, it is a practice with many benefits for your physical and mental state, discover in the following article what the benefits of swimming are.

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3. Also, the resistance in the water is greater since you have to exert more force to be able to advance through the pool, which accentuates the increase in the intensity of the exercise. Therefore, if your goal is to burn as many calories as possible, swimming is a safe bet.

4. Next, we show you the formulas to discover the approximate amount of calories that can be burned doing an hour of swimming. To do this, you must discover the approximate speed with which you perform the exercise. There are two possible practices: moderate or vigorous. Find out which one is closest to you.

5. Performing moderate swimming practice means doing, always approximately, about 18 meters per minute swum. Which should be divided by 0.032 and multiplied by your weight multiplied by 2.2 and by the total number of minutes during which the exercise has been performed. The result of this formula will give you the approximate number of calories burned by swimming.

6. If, on the other hand, you do vigorous practice, that is, swim about 50 meters per minute, the formula will vary slightly. In this case, you will have to divide the 50 meters per minute by 0.088 and multiply the result by your weight multiplied by 2.2 and by the total number of minutes you have swum. The result of this formula will give you the approximate number of calories burned during the sport.

7. In addition to discovering in a personalized way the number of kilocalories you have burned doing this sport, you should know that the swimming sessions will make you exercise a good set of muscles since you move both your trunk, legs and arms, as well as perform a good cardiovascular exercise. Maintaining a slim and healthy body is possible if you bet on swimming. Test it!

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