8 Steps To Yoga exercises to lose belly

Do you want to take advantage of the benefits of yoga to have a slimmer body? This passive gymnastics tones the muscles of the body by keeping the muscles in tension and getting them to work in a consistent and highly visible way. If your problem is the love handles, that is, the fat that accumulates in the belly, there are a series of yoga exercises that can help you reduce this area and thus achieve a slimmer figure. In this, article we are going to discover the yoga exercises to lose belly with which you will be able to achieve the body you want so much.

Steps to follow:
1. If you want to lose weight, you can try practicing yoga by selecting some of the best exercises that tone up your body and help you burn the fat that you have accumulated. The reason why this static exercise helps us lose weight is because, with it, we activate many muscles, including some that we rarely move; therefore, with yoga we burn more energy and we get the excessive calories that we take in with our diet to burn faster.

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2. One of the best yoga poses to lose belly is the tree pose. It is a simple pose in which you only have to stand still on one foot. By trying to keep your balance, you make the muscles of your body tense trying to achieve stillness and stability.

To do this posture you will only have to raise your right leg to the height of the knee of the other leg and you can extend your hands upwards or join them and keep them together at chest height. You have to keep your balance and contract your abdomen for 10 long, deep breaths. When you’re done, switch legs and repeat the same procedure.

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Yoga exercises to lose belly - Step 2
3. The extreme warrior yoga posture is also indicated to help us eliminate excess fat in the belly. It is a simple pose suitable for beginner levels of yoga and consists of taking a large step forward with one leg, bending the knee and leaning the body slightly forward. You will have to extend your arms up and keep your palms together.

To avoid neck or cervical injuries, it is best to direct your gaze upwards, in the direction in which your hands are pointing. You will have to hold this position for 10 long breaths and then return to the starting position. Then you will only have to repeat with the other leg and thus you will have taken advantage of the benefits of this position.

Yoga exercises to lose belly - Step 3
4. To get rid of belly fatthe cobra pose is also one of the most recommended yoga poses. By stretching the muscles of the belly and trying to maintain stability, you get the muscles to work and your body loses excess calories. To do this pose you will have to lie down with your belly towards the ground and place your hands parallel to your shoulders. Then you will have to raise your head and chest trying to imitate the natural posture that cobras have when they are going to attack.


In this pose, you must ensure that you do not do the force with your hands but that you do it with your belly. Try to stay still for 60 seconds, relax and hold the position again for 1 more minute.

Yoga exercises to lose belly - Step 4
5. Another yoga exercise to lose belly consists of what is known as ” leaning dog “. It is about placing yourself on the ground supporting your feet and hands stretched above your head. You will have to rise upwards trying to form a V with your body, as we show you in the image.

You have to try to stretch your back well and, if you feel any pain or discomfort, stop doing the exercise. Keep in mind that this is a posture for experienced yogis, so it is totally inadvisable for people who are starting to practice yoga. Hold this pose for 10 breaths, rest, and repeat for 10 more.

Yoga exercises to lose belly - Step 5
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6. This exercise is ideal to lose belly but also to mark the V of the abdominals. It is a position in which you have to put your body in a V shape but, this time, looking up. It is also indicated for people who have already practiced yoga and who are used to postures and this type of exercise.

You will have to place yourself on the floor and raise your legs straight as far as you can, with your torso you will have to lean back a little, getting the shape of a V. Keep your arms straight so that your back is not loaded and you will notice how the muscles of your abdomen they work. It is recommended that you maintain this posture from 1 minute to 5, little by little you will see how it is costing you less and you can increase the exercise time.

Yoga exercises to lose belly - Step 6
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7. However, yoga is not an exercise that is indicated for people with special conditions such as pregnant women, people with osteoporosis, coronary diseases, diabetes or glaucoma. It is essential that you consult a specialist beforehand to ensure that the exercise you do is suitable and suitable for your condition. We also recommend that if you feel any pain or discomfort during or after exercise, you choose to abandon it because you could harm yourself even more.
8. In addition to doing these yoga exercises to lose weight, it is important that you combine them with healthy eating habits. In general, rules, to lose weight you have to:
  • Eat 5 meals a day to activate your metabolism and reduce the feeling of hunger between meals.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water a day to flush out toxins and reduce fluid retention.
  • Opt for low-fat proteins: especially lean meats, white fish and eggs without yolk.
  • Never eat carbohydrates at dinner time and opt, whenever possible, for those made with wholemeal flour as they regulate intestinal transit and give you a greater feeling of satiety.
  • Leave sugar aside and opt for sweeteners such as stevia or saccharin.
  • Cook with little oil and leave aside fried foods, sauces or fatty condiments.
Yoga exercises to lose belly - Step 8

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