Benefits of Drinking Curry Leaf Juice?

Benefits of Drinking Curry Leaf Juice

Curry Leaf have been used in Indian homes for centuries. Curry Leaf help in enhancing the taste of breakfast poha to dinner chicken. Curry Leaf are the first choice of people because along with taste, many medicinal properties are found in it. Although you can make curry Leaf a part of your diet in many ways, but if curry leaf juice is consumed, it proves to be very beneficial for health.

Many nutrients like iron, calcium, protein, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, and vitamin A are found in curry Leaf. Apart from this, curry Leaf have anti-diabetic, anti-oxidant, and anti-microbial properties, which are very beneficial for health. Today in this article we are going to tell you about the benefits of drinking curry leaf juice and how to make it.

Benefits of Drinking Curry Leaf Juice

1. Curry leaf juice for weight loss

Many vitamins and minerals are found in curry Leaf, which help in reducing body weight. If you are trying to lose weight, you can drink curry leaf juice every morning on an empty stomach.

Weight Loss

2. Curry leaf juice boosts immunity

Antioxidant properties are found in curry leaf juice, which helps in strengthening the immunity of the body. Drinking curry leaf juice regularly helps in protecting the body from viruses and infections.

3. Curry leaf juice helps fight anemia


Adequate amounts of iron and folic acid are found in curry leaf juice, which helps in overcoming anemia in the body. For information, let us tell you that lack of blood in the body causes a disease called anemia. Curry leaf juice proves to be very beneficial in preventing anemia.

4. Curry leaf juice detoxifies the body

Curry leaf juice also proves to be very beneficial in removing the toxins accumulated in the body. Many such nutrients are found in curry leaf juice, which helps in detoxifying the body by removing toxins from the body.

5. Curry leaf juice improves digestion

The nutrients in curry leaf juice help in relieving digestive problems like gas, indigestion, constipation, etc. Children who regularly suffer from problems like gas and stomach ache are advised to consume curry leaf juice 2 to 3 days a week.

Recipe to make curry Leaf juice

  • First of all, take 1 bowl of curry Leaf and clean it by washing it with cold water.
  • Boil curry Leaf in 2 glasses of water on a high flame.
  • When half of the water remains, filter and separate the curry Leaf with the help of a tea strainer.
  • Now add 1 teaspoon of honey and lemon juice as per your taste.
  • If you want, you can also use black pepper or salt in the juice of curry Leaf.

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