When is the right time and what is the best method for consuming Chyawanprash?

The right time and method of eating Chyawanprash

As soon as the winter season arrives, the grandmothers of the house often feed Chyawanprash to small children. You must have also seen that often mother used to forcefully stuff a spoonful of Chyawanprash in our mouth without mind and we had to eat it.

Chyawanprash may not taste so good, but it is very beneficial for health. It is said that if you eat Chyawanprash regularly during the winter season (Health benefits of Chyawanprash), then diseases do not wander around. Eating Chyawanprash boosts immunity, it reduces the risk of diseases in the body, but the question is, what is the right time to eat Chyawanprash and how to eat Chyawanprash so that the body can get all its nutrients (Nutrition value of Chyawanprash). To know the answers to all these questions, we talked to dietitian Shreya Aggarwal.

Nutrients of Chyawanprash

Dietician Shreya Aggarwal says that Chyawanprash is made by mixing Amla, Neem, Peepali, Brahmi, Saffron, white sandalwood, Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Cardamom, Arjun, honey and ghee. Therefore Chyawanprash is a treasure trove of nutrients. Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, and anti-fungal properties are found in Chyawanprash, which provide the body with the ability to fight viruses.

What is the right way to eat Chyawanprash?

Consuming Chyawanprash during the winter season helps in boosting immunity. But Chyawanprash is hot in nature, hence consuming it in excess quantity can be harmful for health. A dietician says that an adult person should consume 1 teaspoon of Chyawanprash in a day. At the same time, it is appropriate to feed 1/2 teaspoon Chyawanprash to small children. If you want, you can also consume Chyawanprash by dissolving it in lukewarm water or hot milk.

What is the right time to consume Chyawanprash?

Experts say that Chyawanprash should always be consumed in the morning. You can consume Chyawanprash after breakfast. Keep in mind that Chyawanprash should never be consumed at night. Consuming Chyawanprash at night can cause problems like indigestion, flatulence, abdominal swelling, loose stools, and stomach upset.

Benefits of Chyawanprash


The nutrients in Chyawanprash help improve heart health. Research conducted by NCBI has revealed that consuming Chyawanprash in a limited quantity regularly helps in strengthening the heart.

Chyawanprash helps in getting relief from problems like cold, cough, fever, and cold. Honey present in Chyawanprash completely eliminates cold and cough. Amla and other herbs present in Chyawanprash contain nutrients like Vitamin C which help in eliminating the symptoms of cold.

Eating Chyawanprash helps in purifying the blood. Patla is used in making Chyawanprash. Patla helps in purifying the blood by removing toxins from the body.

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