What are breastfeeding mistakes that mothers should avoid?

Breastfeeding Mistakes Mothers Should Avoid: Mother’s milk is most important for children. To ensure proper mental and physical development of the newborn baby, doctors advise him to be exclusively breastfed from birth till 6 months. After the birth of a child, it is very easy for many women to breastfeed, while for some this task proves to be difficult. Many times women take help from family members to make breastfeeding easier, but still there are some mistakes that happen. Today we are going to tell you about some such mistakes that breastfeeding women make and which they are unable to understand. To know more on this topic.

Most breastfeeding mothers make these mistakes

Feeding the baby while lying down

What are breastfeeding mistakes that mothers should avoid

According to Doctors, “Most women feed their newborn babies while lying down. This is one of the most common mistakes made by new mothers. Feeding the newborn while lying down increases the risk of aspiration. Many times, due to this, the baby Milk can get stuck in the lungs, causing difficulty in breathing.” Experts say that the baby should never be fed while lying down.

Prolonged breastfeeding

Another mistake mothers make is breastfeeding their baby for too long. The doctor says, “Mothers keep feeding their children continuously for one, one and a half hours, which is absolutely wrong. Feeding the baby for 15-20 minutes is enough; they do not need breastfeeding more than that. ”

Formula milk

Formula milk

Some women start giving formula milk available in the market to their newborn baby instead of breastfeeding, but this is wrong. According to the Doctor, “The baby should be breastfed from birth till 6 months. This provides many benefits to the mother and the child. Formula milk is not like breast milk and it does not contain immunity-enhancing elements. If in any situation the baby has to be given formula milk, then a doctor should be consulted first.”

Ignore yourself

Women often do not pay attention to themselves during breastfeeding, due to which they have to face many problems in the future. Experts say that the mother’s body needs the right nutrients to produce the right amount of milk for the baby. For this, women should include things containing calcium, iron and protein in their diet.

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