Is eating jaggery effective in preventing the effects of air pollution?

Jaggery can save you from harmful air pollution: With the arrival of the winter season, the air of Delhi-NCR has become polluted. Due to air pollution, people are suffering from asthma, difficulty in breathing, and lung-related problems. Health experts say that breathing contaminated air (Side Effect of Air Pollutants) is considered equivalent to consuming poison. To avoid the effects of air pollution, some people are wearing masks, while some are spending thousands of rupees to get air purifiers installed in their homes. However, it is still a bit difficult for a middle-class family to use an air purifier.

But do you know that eating a small piece of jaggery daily can reduce the effects of air pollution? Mothers and grandmothers usually recommend eating jaggery during winter. Eating jaggery provides countless health benefits. Consuming jaggery daily can cure digestive problems and also provide relief from allergies caused by polluted air. Let us know how jaggery reduces the effects of air pollution and when it should be consumed.

Eat jaggery to avoid the effects of air pollution

Jaggery is considered very beneficial to avoid the effects of air pollution. Anti-allergic properties are found in jaggery, which helps in cleaning the lungs. This is why asthma patients are advised to eat jaggery daily during the winter season. A rich amount of iron is found in jaggery. Iron normalizes the level of hemoglobin in the blood. Due to this the level of oxygen in the blood increases. It has been proved in many studies that eating jaggery every day does not have much effect on health due to air pollution.

Ayurveda also recommends eating jaggery

Many benefits of eating jaggery have been mentioned not only for the elders in the house but also in Ayurveda. By eating jaggery in the winter season, problems like cold, indigestion, and acidity can be avoided. Jaggery obtained from natural sources like sugarcane juice and palm is a healthy alternative to refined sugar. This is the reason why jaggery is called a superfood. You can consume jaggery without any hesitation.

How to consume jaggery?

To avoid the effects of air pollution, you can take jaggery with lukewarm water every morning on an empty stomach. If you want, you can consume a piece of jaggery every day after lunch. Apart from this, you can consume jaggery instead of sugar in tea.

How many grams of jaggery should one eat in a day?

Jaggery is considered hot in nature, hence it is consumed mainly in winter. A healthy person should not consume more than 10 to 15 grams of jaggery in a day. If you are suffering from diabetes, cancer or high blood pressure, then consult a doctor or dietician before consuming jaggery daily.

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