How can I eat guava for weight loss?

Guava for Weight Loss:

The winter season has arrived. As soon as the winter season arrives, a lot of greens, fruits, and vegetables arrive in the market. Be it greens, radish or fresh spinach. In this season you can take iron and vitamin-rich food. Perhaps this is the reason why one feels very hungry in this season. And yes, the fun of serving and eating hot food is different in the winter season.

But due to the increase in hot food and fried food, there are chances of weight gain in this season (Weight Gain In Winters). But don’t panic. In the winter season, if you are eating fresh fulka with lots of ghee and are afraid of weight gain, then in this season there are many seasonal fruits that can help you in weight loss. Can help in weight loss. Yes, winters bring with it many seasonal fruits that can give you the boon of health. Guava is one of these.

Actually, guava also contains folate which helps in increasing fertility. According to research, guava is considered very beneficial for high blood pressure patients, because it reduces the negative effects of sodium. But do you know that it also plays an important role in weight loss? If you are looking for the fastest way to lose weight, then give your search the right direction.

For weight loss, balance the diet chart and also adopt exercise for weight loss. Along with this, there are also home remedies to lose weight, but adopt them only under the supervision of a doctor or a certified herbalist. If you want to lose weight fast then balance your diet to lose weight.

How Guava Helps in Weight Loss


1. Guava contains a lot of fiber. In fact, if you want to lose weight, it is very important to improve your digestive capacity and fiber plays an important role in increasing the digestive power.

2. The amount of carbohydrates in guava is very low. If seen, only 14 grams of carbohydrate is found in 100 guavas. According to many studies, foods that have low carbohydrate content prove to be helpful in weight loss.

3. It is advised that fruits that are low in calories are considered to be an important source of weight loss and guava is one of those fruits.

4. Guava is also considered a good source of protein. Actually, protein controls the hunger-related hormone ‘ghrelin’, which helps in weight loss.

5. Guava contains B vitamins like B1, B3, B6, and folate and all these are very important for keeping the body healthy.

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