How to train in the gym

When we join the gym we do it with great will, but on many occasions, the lack of knowledge means that we do not achieve our goals and that we unsubscribe. And it is normal that with so many machines and devices we do not know very well how to distribute the time that we can dedicate to exercising. In order for you to achieve your goals, we explain how to train in the gym.

Steps to follow:

1. We should spend at least half an hour each time we go to the gym, but this is only a starting point, so we should try to work our body for an hour each day.

2. One of the big mistakes that we usually make when going to the gym is to focus on machines, which are really devices that only work a specific part of our body.

In any case, the machines should be something complementary and should not occupy much of our time, at most, five minutes. If you are interested, in this article we explain what are the best machines to burn calories.

3. Instead, what should be the basis of our training are compound exercises, that is, those that make many muscles of our bodywork and that, normally, imitate movements of our daily life.

4. At this point, free weights, that is, dumbbells and bars, are our great allies. We have to be careful before joining a gym because, although they seem very basic elements, some do not have them.

5. For beginners, dumbbells are ideal as they will make us gain muscle base and, in the different exercise options, they allow us to work legs, arms, chest and abdomen.

6. The bars are already for advanced gym users and will make it easier for us to gain strength.

7. As for devices that allow us to improve our aerobic capacity, we should not abuse them in the gym. Thus, on the treadmills or ellipticals, we should not spend more than five minutes.

If we use them, as is usually done, for twenty minutes or half an hour, we will improve our cardiovascular capacity but, on the other hand, we will not work on strength and we will favor the loss of muscle mass. In this article, we explain how to improve muscle tone.

8. Hydration is basic during our training in the gym. For this reason, a bottle of water, which we will drink in short sips, must be our companion.

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