What do I need to go to the gym?

When we have already made the decision to get down to work and improve our fitness by going to the gym, we are assailed by the question of what we should carry in our backpack so that everything goes well. we answer the question of what do I need to go to the gym.

Steps to follow:

  1. Obviously, to do the exercises on the machines and equipment in the gym, we will need sportswear. It is not necessary that it be warm since we will not go outside and we will soon get warm. The most appropriate is shorts and a t-shirt, sports shoes, socks and a sweat-absorbing band that falls on our forehead. If we have long hair, a hair tie is almost essential.

2. In almost all gyms it is mandatory and, in any case, it is recommended, for hygiene reasons, to bring a towel so that when we use machines and devices we do not stain them. In addition, we can use it to clean any remains that we may have left.

3. Already for reasons of making our stay in the gym more pleasant, and also even to be able to endure more time exercising, we can take an electronic device such as mp3 or mp4 in which we can listen to music or watch videos. Anyway, if we don’t bring anything, someone will surely talk to us soon, since gyms are places where people usually socialize.

4. It is also convenient that we carry a small bottle of water to hydrate ourselves while we exercise. We must know that we do not have to take long drinks, especially after having made a great effort, but that we simply have to wet our lips with water.

5. Some people prefer to shower at home, but it can be very economical to shower at the gym. In this case, we have to carry another towel, gel and shampoo, comb and clothes to change in the backpack. Nor should we forget the flip-flops to use in the locker room and shower area and bags for dirty clothes and tennis shoes.

6. Many of us have the habit of not carrying money or a mobile phone with us when we go to play sports, but it is appropriate to put them in the backpack in case we have an emergency.

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