How to make the most of your time in the gym

Those of us who have little time to do physical activity know how important a good organization is to get the most out of exercise. The situation is more complicated when we have to share the place where we play sports with other people. At we explain how to make the most of your time in the gym.

Table Of Content

1. Best time
2. Go well prepared
3. Avoid waiting
4. Choose the exercises well

Best time

If we can freely choose the time we are going to go to the gym, we should avoid:

  • Before nine in the morning. Many people who do sports and are subject to a work schedule usually choose the first hour of the day to do gymnastics, so both the showers and the equipment will be in high demand in this first part of the day.
  • After eight in the evening. In the same way, once most of the working days are over, the gyms fill up again and it is more difficult for us to choose the machines and apparatus at all times.

Go well prepared

If we go directly from home, we can go to the gym already with sports clothes on and take street clothes to change in the backpack. Thus, we will avoid wasting time in the locker room once we arrive at the facilities. In order not to spend minutes looking for towels, gel and shampoo and changes, we must prepare the bag well, placing at the bottom what we will need at the end and at the top what we are going to use at first.

Avoid waiting

The usual thing when we go regularly to the gym is that we have a routine in relation to the circuit of machines and devices that we follow. However, we must not be too strict, so that if we see that the machine or device that we want to use is busy, we do not have to wait for it to be released, but the most appropriate thing is that we use others.

Choose the exercises well

If we have little time to dedicate to the gym and, furthermore, we are forced to go during the hours when they are busiest, we must be very successful when choosing the machines that we will use, opting for those that make us exercise the greater number of muscles in our body. The gym monitor can guide us in this regard.

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