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Do you want to start in the world of running? To start training and running on a regular basis, you must take into account a series of basic aspects that will help you not to get injured and that your exercise is beneficial for your health. From the previous warm-up to how you should control your heart rate, in this article, we give you the basic tips that will show you how to learn to run in a simple and very useful way. Put on your sneakers and get ready to enter the world of fitness.

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1. Warm up before running
2. Basics for running
3. Control your pulse

Warm up before running

Follow Criticalbench To know the Best Warm-Up Before Running (6 Movements to Run Better) Before starting any sports routine, it is essential to do a series of previous warm-ups that will prepare your body so that it does not injure itself or suffer any damage during exercise. The body and our muscles must be prepared to start with the sport since, through a series of exercises, we get the joints ready for the work they are going to have to do.

So, if you want to learn to run, the first thing you have to know are the pre-training exercises that are essential to protect your body and keep it in good shape. Here are some of these exercises that are ideal to do before going out for a run:

  • Feet: they are the part of the body that will notice the exercise the most, so you have to prepare them. To do this you will have to bend one leg and turn the foot first to the left and then to the right; then change the foot and repeat this exercise.
  • Knees: we have to flex both legs at the same time, doing a squat, and then lift the body. Do a series of 15 repetitions so that our knees prepare for the impact of the race.
  • Hips: placing the hands on the waist we will have to make circles with the hip trying to keep the trunk upright as much as we can.
  • Neck: we will turn the neck to the right and then to the left slowly to feel how the muscles stretch.

If you want to delve deeper into the subject, in this article we give you more exercises to warm up before running.

How to learn to run - Warm up before going for a run

Basics for running

To learn to run we have to know some basic aspects that are related to this exercise and that it is important that we control in order to take full advantage of the benefits of running. We will start with the subject of breathing when running, an essential aspect to be able to do this sport without getting too tired and, above all, managing the air that enters the lungs well.

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The ideal thing for running is that we inhale the air through the nose and exhale it through the mouth, in this way you will be able to reduce the feeling of suffocation. It is also important that we ensure that the breath comes from the abdomen and not the chest, that is, try to make the breaths long and deep and that with each one of them the belly area is inflated and not the chest. This technique makes the most of the air we breathe. we give you more tips so you know how to breathe while running.

To avoid injuries, in addition to doing the previous warm-up that we have already mentioned, it is important that you maintain an upright posture with your back straight and your head facing forward; This way you will prevent tension from accumulating in different areas of the body such as the shoulders, neck or kidneys. In the same way, it is also important that when you do the strides when running, you support the whole foot on the ground, do not step only with the tip because you will tire faster and you can injure the twins or the sole of the foot.

These are the basic aspects that you must take into account when starting to run, however, in this article we will tell you in detail how to run correctly with more tips and tricks.

How to learn to run - Basics for running

Control your pulse

To ensure that you are getting a favorable workout for your body, it is important that you monitor your vital signs during exercise. For this, there are heart rate monitors that are electrical devices that measure the pulsations; It is a very precise way to know your constants at all times and to see how your body reacts to sport.

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But if you don’t have this device, you can also control your rate manually by putting your finger on your wrist and holding it for 15 seconds to feel your heartbeat. You have to count how many beats you have during these seconds and the result has to be multiplied by 4, so you will know the beats per minute.

How to learn to run - Control your heart rate

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