How to run if it rains

The fact that running is an outdoor activity has many advantages, starting with the fact that it allows us to breathe fresh air; but it also has drawbacks, mainly those derived from the weather. Sometimes it is excess heat, other times the opposite, intense cold, which prevents us from running in the best conditions and, other times, it is the rain. To help you maintain your favorite activity all year long, we explain how to run if it rains.

Steps to follow:

1. If the choice of running shoes is basic, it is even more so in adverse conditions, such as how much it rains. The most important thing is to wear shoes that do not get wet, that is, that do not allow the rain to enter and wet our feet. In addition, we will try not to wear tennis shoes that have a very worn sole, to avoid slipping and falling on the ground if we step on a wet slippery surface.
How to run if it rains - Step 1
2. Precisely, another important point that you must take into account about how to run if it rains is the state of the route that you are going to do. Many times, it is more dangerous to step on an area that is slightly wet than a puddle, since there is more risk of slipping in the first case. However, it is not recommended that you step through the puddles, since you will never know its depth or if it has a stone or some other element that can hurt you.

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3. In this sense, you should try to run in covered or semi-covered areas where the ground is not very wet. For example, if you run around the city, go down those streets that you know have arcades. If you go out to the countryside or go to the park, try to make your tour under the treetops. It is important to say that if a storm surprises you in the mountains, you should seek shelter as soon as possible.
How to run if it rains - Step 3
4. To protect your body from the rain, all you have to do is wear a thin raincoat with a hood. We recommend that you buy it at a sports store since they will have them made of breathable material.

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5. If you have any clothing that you use to go running and that causes chafing, avoid wearing it when it rains. When clothes get wet, they weigh more and those small scratches that it causes in normal conditions can turn into annoying wounds.
How to run if it rains - Step 5
6. When you get home, you’re sure to be soaked. After stretching, get in as soon as possible and take a hot shower to prevent the wetness that you will surely have caught from taking its toll on you in the form of a cold. As for the shoes, remove the insole and leave them in a ventilated area to get them to dry as quickly as possible.

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