How can I increase my children’s appetite?

How to Increase Children’s Appetite: In today’s times, feeding children has become no less than a task. Most children make faces at the sight of food. Parents, troubled by this behavior of their children, coax them for hours and caress them lovingly so that they eat at least one or two spoons.

At the same time, some children insist on packet noodles and pasta instead of food. Such packaged foods prove harmful for children’s health. Physical weakness is seen in children due to not eating food. Not only this, due to less or no food intake, there is a deficiency of nutrients in the children’s body, which can hinder their physical and mental development.

Many times it is seen that when parents force-feed their children, they start vomiting. A Naturopathy expert has shared a special recipe for such children. The expert has shared a video on his Instagram and explained how the appetite of small children can be increased.

How to Increase Children’s Appetite Naturally

The doctor says that by adopting this special remedy, not only can the appetite of children be increased, but after adopting it, children will ask for food from you. Besides, this will also help in increasing the weight of children.

  • To increase the appetite of children, you have to take a myrobalan.
  • After rubbing myrobalan in water, add a little asafoetida to it.
  • Once prepared, you have to feed 1/4 teaspoon of it to children daily.
  • Experts say that you can give a mixture of myrobalan and asafoetida to children aged between 10 months to 2 years.

Benefits of eating Harad

According to experts, “Antioxidants like Vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, iron and copper are found in myrobalan. Consuming myrobalan regularly helps in improving the digestive system. Consuming it relieves gas, and stomach ache, One gets relief from the problem of a burning sensation and indigestion. At the same time, consuming asafoetida also provides relief from digestive problems. Consuming these two things together helps in increasing appetite.”

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