How can eating Rabdi help in gaining weight?

Rabri for healthy weight gain

Everyone’s mouth waters on hearing the name of Rabdi. Rabdi is a sweet that people enjoy and eat to their full without any hesitation. In Madhya Pradesh, some people like to enjoy Jalebi with Rabdi, while some eat Rabdi as is. But do you know that Rabdi, which melts like butter in the mouth, can help thin people in increasing their weight?

Rabdi is made of milk and dry fruits and contains rich nutrients, which can help in weight gain. Not only this, due to the mixture of milk and dry fruits, Rabri can also help in the development of bones. So, what are you waiting for, today let us know how to consume rabri to gain weight and what other health benefits are obtained from eating rabri.

How to Eat Rabri to Gain Weight

If your body is quite lean and thin in appearance then you can consume Rabri without any hesitation. To increase weight, you can include up to 100 grams of Rabdi in your daily diet. To make Rabdi, milk and various types of dry fruits (cashew nuts, almonds, cardamom, khoya, pistachios, dry coconut) are used.

If milk and dry fruits are consumed in balanced quantity, it proves helpful in increasing weight. While including rabri in your diet to gain weight, keep in mind that sugar is used to make it. Sugar is harmful for health. Therefore, it would be better if you include rabri made by mixing jaggery instead of sugar in your diet. To gain weight, you can consume rabri after lunch or dinner.

Benefits of Eating Rabri

Due to the sweet taste of Rabdi, some people think that it is harmful for health. But if jaggery is used instead of sugar in Rabdi, then it is not harmful for health. Rabdi not only helps in increasing weight but also provides many benefits to health. Let us know about it.

Beneficial for teeth and bones

Milk is used to make Rabdi. Due to the presence of milk, Rabri contains high amount of calcium. Being rich in calcium properties, Rabdi is considered good for strengthening bones and teeth.

Boosts immunity

Many types of dry fruits are used in making Rabdi. Dry fruits help in strengthening immunity. If Rabdi is consumed in limited quantity, it can help in increasing immunity.

Controls blood pressure

Rabdi also proves to be very beneficial for those people who frequently face the problem of low blood pressure. Consuming Rabdi can help in controlling blood pressure.

Precautions while consuming Rabdi

People who have any kind of allergy to milk or nuts should not consume Rabdi. Along with this, people who have any serious disease like diabetes, or asthma should consume Rabdi only on the advice of the doctor.

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