What are the benefits of drinking star fruit juice for health?

Starfruit juice health benefits

To maintain balanced health, it is always advised to consume fruits and fruit juices. But when it comes to fruit juice, most of people choose the option of fruits like Amla, orange, seasonal, and apple (Fruits Juice for Good Health). Today in this article we are going to tell you about Kamarkha juice. Kamarkha is known as star fruit in English. This fruit tastes sour and is easily available during the winter season.

Talking about the nutrients of Kamarkha (Star fruit health benefits), an adequate amount of Vitamin B, fiber, and many types of minerals are found in it. If 200 ml of Kamarkha juice is consumed daily during the winter season, it is very beneficial for health. Let us know about the benefits of drinking Kamarkha juice.

Benefits of drinking Kamarkha(Star Fruit) juice

Helpful in weight loss

Many researches conducted on Kamarkha have revealed that by consuming it daily, weight can be reduced rapidly. Research has revealed that calories are found in very less quantity in Kamarkha. Besides, it is also a good source of fiber. Therefore, weight can be reduced by consuming Kamarkha juice.

Makes immunity stronger

Medicinal properties are found in Kamarkha juice, hence it can also help in strengthening immunity. Actually, beta-carotene is found in Kamarkha. When beta-carotene enters a person’s body, it gets converted into vitamin A. Vitamin A helps in strengthening immunity and fighting diseases.

Controls cholesterol level

Two types of cholesterol are found in the body. The first is good cholesterol and the second is bad cholesterol. If bad cholesterol level increases in the body, it can cause heart problems. Kamarkha juice can be of great help in controlling cholesterol level in the body.

Controls blood pressure

Kamarkha juice is also considered very beneficial for controlling blood pressure. Potassium is found in good quantity in Kamarkha juice, which can help in controlling blood pressure.

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