What are some home remedies to boost immunity during the winter?

How To Boost Immunity In Winter Season

Winter has knocked in entire North India including Delhi. As soon as the winter season starts, people start facing problems like colds, coughs, fever, and sore throat. Diseases occurring during changing seasons are caused by weak immunity. That is why it is said that human immunity should remain strong in every season so that diseases can be avoided. We talked to dietitian Shreya Aggarwal about which home remedies can be adopted to boost weak immunity in winter. Let us know about it.

Home Remedies to build immunity in winters

Drink enough water

Due to cold winds, most people stop drinking water during the winter season. Due to drinking less water, the balance of electrolytes in the body gets disturbed, due to which immunity becomes weak. Dietician Shreya Aggarwal says that even during the winter season, a person must drink up to 3 liters of water. He said that those who are not able to drink enough water can make things like coconut water, and lemon water a part of their diet.

Eat Ragi and Millet

According to the dietitian, it is best to consume ragi and millet to strengthen immunity in the winter season. Ragi and millet are good sources of vitamins and minerals. Consuming them during the winter season helps in strengthening immunity.

consume root vegetables

To prevent diseases from bothering you again and again in winter, include root vegetables in your diet. Include carrots, radishes, yam, and sweet potato in your diet. Nutrients like antioxidants and carotenoids are found in root vegetables, which help in strengthening immunity.

Eat Vitamin C Fruits

It is very important to consume Vitamin C during the winter season. Vitamin C is not only beneficial for health but can also help in making skin and hair beautiful. To get Vitamin C, you can include fruits like orange, pineapple, and amla in your daily diet.

Exercise for 15 to 20 minutes

Dietitians say that during the winter season, most people avoid coming out of their quilts and blankets and doing exercise. Due to less physical activity, the immune system also becomes weak. The dietician says that to keep immunity strong, it is very important to do exercise or yoga for 10 to 15 minutes every day.

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