Can using Airpods cause brain tumors?

Do Airpods Cause Brain Tumour

Nowadays, people have started using AirPods while traveling in the metro, bus, walking on the road, working in the office, and even watching TV at home. A post is going viral on social media sites regarding AirPods being easily connected to mobile, TV and laptop through Bluetooth.

It has been claimed in this post that using AirPods can cause dangerous diseases like brain tumors. To strengthen this claim, a newspaper cutting has also been included in the social media post, in which it is written that more than 250 scientists have warned that using AirPods can cause diseases like brain tumors and cancer.

To tell the truth about such things related to health and food, we are running a series named ‘Fake or Reality’. Under this, we are trying to give you the truth about such things through doctors or experts. In Articlespringer special Fact Check series ‘Fake or Reality’, let us know whether using AirPods causes brain tumors. Let us know its truth.

Does using AirPods cause brain tumors

Professor Rodney Croft, director of the International Commission of Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and Australian Center for Electromagnetic Bio Effects Research (ACEBR), says, AirPods and Bluetooth signals on social media are affecting the brain and can lead to serious health problems like brain tumors.

There is absolutely no truth in such news that the disease may occur. He said, ‘The radio frequency radiation that comes from the Bluetooth of AirPods (similar to mobile phones, TV and radio towers, baby monitors, etc.) cannot cause any kind of brain tumor or cancer. Professor Rodney says that in some cases, using AirPods or Bluetooth continuously for 5 to 6 hours can cause problems like swelling and pain in the ears. Because continuous use of AirPods causes the device to heat up and can harm the ears.

What is the opinion of neurologists on this claim?

We also talked to a neurologist to find out how much truth is there in the claim that using AirPods can cause brain tumors. Citing research, Dr. Abhishek Juneja, senior consultant neurologist at Delhi-based Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, said that there is no concrete information that using AirPods or any Bluetooth device can cause brain tumors or cancer. Dr. Abhishek Juneja said that no harmful radiation emission has been observed from the use of AirPods, which could have any effect on the brain. Therefore there is little truth in this claim.

Keep these things in mind while using AirPods

  • Keep the sound at normal while using both AirPods.
  • Avoid sharing your AirPods or headphones with anyone.
  • Don’t adjust the AirPods too deep in the ears.
  • Keep the intensity of online classes or sessions a little less. High intensity can affect the ability to hear.
  • Never use earphones or AirPods from the local market.

There is no concrete information about whether using AirPods can cause diseases like brain tumors. If you want fact check on any such information related to health or food, then let us know in the comment box or by mail. We will try to know the answer to your question from our experts and doctors.

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