Top Questions to Ask Your Pediatrician During a Child checkup

Top questions to ask a Pediatrician for your child

Nowadays, to take care of the health of elders, it is necessary to get a health test done once or twice a year. Similarly, it is very important to have a medical checkup once a month to check whether the child is developing properly physically and mentally. It is often seen that when parents take small children to the doctor, only the health expert asks questions and the parents answer them.

Doctors usually ask some common questions while examining small children, therefore, as a parent, it is your duty to ask the doctor questions related to the overall development of your baby and also know the answers to them, so that the child does not get any kind of health problem. There should be no problems. Therefore, today in this article we are going to tell you some questions that parents of small children should definitely ask the doctor during health checkups.

What questions should parents ask the doctor?

What baby food should I introduce first?

If you are taking a 4 to 5-month-old child to the doctor for a checkup, then this is considered the most important question. Generally, doctors recommend feeding solid food to the child after 6 months, but in some cases, giving solid food can be started from the 5th month also. While asking this question, do not forget to tell the doctor the weight of the child.

When is the right time to stop breastfeeding a baby?

This question is very important for today’s working mom. Because most working women get only 6 months leave as per government guidelines. In such a situation, being a mother, you should definitely get information from the doctor about how many months you should breastfeed and when you should give a bottle of milk to the child.

Questions related to child’s skin and food allergies

The skin type and eating habits of every child are quite different. A lot of differences are seen even between two children born to the same parents. Therefore, definitely get information from the doctor about what kind of fruits, flowers, and soil your child may be allergic to. Sometimes skin allergy also occurs due to blood group and family history, so share this information with the doctor.

Apart from these important questions, you can also ask questions related to the child’s diet, at what age is it appropriate to give him water? should he include eggs or any kind of non-veg in his diet?

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