Benefits of breathing techniques in yoga: pranayama

The breathing techniques of yoga, which are called pranayama, are one of the pillars of this discipline. Thanks to them, we try to achieve the regulation of vital energy in order to improve well-being. Enter this video if you want to see how Nadi Sidhana Pranayama’s breathing is done. If you breathe well, you will be able to increase your energy level and improve your mental stability, in addition to various physical benefits. we explain all the benefits of breathing techniques in yoga.

Steps to follow:

1. On a physical level, when you manage to master the breathing techniques of yoga, you will increase the oxygen levels in your body and at the same time your ability to eliminate carbon dioxide will increase.
2. Another benefit of pranayama is that you will be more predisposed to concentration, meditation and, in general, to a state of interiorization, which will make it much easier for you to develop all aspects of yoga.
3. On an intellectual level, these benefits of yoga breathing techniques will mean that you will have a higher performance, so you will have an easier time of data retention and greater mental clarity. Thus, if you are studying you will be able to obtain better results with the same effort and, if your work is of an intellectual nature, you will have an easier time developing your projects.
4. If you develop them properly, pranayama techniques will help you achieve a state of general tranquility and serenity, which will be especially beneficial if you are an anxious person or suffer from insomnia.
5. Some of the yoga breathing techniques have the benefit of stimulating the digestive process, so they are very suitable for people who suffer from digestive problems, which are often related to tension and stress.
6. In order for you to get the full benefits of pranayama, always practice it 2-3 hours after eating and between asanas and meditation. Always remain relaxed, and when you do have to hold your breath, always do so to the point where you start to feel uncomfortable. Practice in a well-ventilated, but draft-free room. According To VENTUNO YOGA Most Effective Pranayamas – Deep Breathing Exercises

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