How yoga helps my body and mind

To keep fit, disconnect and achieve inner harmony, practicing yoga becomes an excellent ally. Neither age nor our previous state are excuses not to try it. In any yoga posture you have to have concentration, and relaxation of the muscles that are not involved in it and above all, you have to breathe well to properly oxygenate the body and obtain the maximum benefit. Yoga is recommended to be practiced in well-ventilated places, on a surface that is not too rigid and in a suitable environment, which predisposes a positive mental attitude.

Steps to follow:

1. The postures or asanas in yoga improve endurance and flexibility. It does not matter if we are more flexible or stronger, by practicing yoga we can gradually transform the body and improve our general health.

2. Yoga is a science designed to maintain and regain mobility. With special attention to the back and joints in general.

3. Practicing yoga helps maintain weight, something that also contributes to the fact that many practitioners feel the need to change their diet and eat in a healthy and natural way.

4. Yoga helps increase energy and vitality while making us feel healthier and better about ourselves, improving our social relationships, and improving our mood.

5. Stable postures free the mind from the discomfort caused by physical movement and stimulate serenity and balance of emotions

6. With the practice of yoga we improve breathing, being aware of it, we achieve more lung capacity and improve the oxygenation of the body.

7. Yoga improves circulation in a way that stimulates the supply of oxygen and nutrients to all cells. It is especially beneficial for improving brain health.

8. During the practice of yoga, you sweat, and breathe deeply and the organs that facilitate the elimination of toxins are activated.

9. In a yoga session, a massage effect is produced throughout the body, both externally and internally, which produces a drainage and cleansing effect and manages to improve the general functioning of the body.

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