Benefits of yoga sun salutation

The sun salutation is usually performed prior to the session of asanas or yoga postures because among its many benefits is that it allows the muscles and joints to be prepared for exercise, making it a good way to heating. Of course, we will have to work with concentration and relaxation. we explain the benefits of yoga sun salutation.

Steps to follow:

1. One of the benefits of the Sun Salutation, Surya Namaskar, is that by performing the postures we activate the main muscles of the body, many of which we do not exercise in our daily lives.
2. Specifically, thanks to the sun salutation, all the muscles that make up the abdomen stretch and relax alternately, with which we manage to exercise this area to a great extent.
3. Breathing also benefits. Thus, the fact that we need to synchronize our breathing with the movements when doing these yoga postures means that, at least for a few minutes, we breathe properly, with depth and rhythm.
4. The sun salutation helps to eliminate the tensions and anxieties that plague us to a greater or lesser extent. Thus, the rhythmic movements that we make and the concentration will promote a state of well-being that will prepare us to face the daily vicissitudes.
5. If we suffer from blood circulation problems, we will see how they improve with the usual practice of sun salutation. The positions that we have to adopt facilitate the return of circulation, relieving problems such as swelling or tired legs.
6. The postures, on the other hand, are an excellent cardiovascular exercise that will help us lose weight if we practice it regularly and combine it with healthy eating habits.
7. In general, the whole body benefits from Sun Salutation practices, as they allow the muscles and joints to be prepared for physical exercise, making it an excellent way to warm up.

8. In order to obtain them, you have to exercise in a concentrated way and not do it in a mechanical and distracted way.

9. Watch this video if you want to know all the details of how to do the sun salutation. According To Unacademy Aarogya Benefits of Surya Namaskar

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