Are there any side effects from taking multivitamins?

Always feeling tired in the body, headache, always feeling irritable, all these problems can be symptoms of lack of nutrition in the body. When it comes to meeting the deficiency of nutrients in the body, the only thought that comes to most people’s minds is taking multivitamin tablets.

Many people consume multivitamin tablets without consulting any doctor or health expert. They feel that by taking 1 to 2 multivitamin tablets daily, the body will get all the nutrients and it will become healthy. If you think the same thing while taking multivitamin pills, then you are absolutely wrong. Taking regular multivitamin pills can cause much harm to health. Let us know the disadvantages of taking multivitamin pills regularly.

Multivitamins Side Effects

Consuming multivitamin tablets indiscriminately without any medical advice can cause the following side effects:

Digestive Problems

Excessive intake of vitamins in the body can cause digestive problems. Problems like vomiting, gas, stomach pain and flatulence are considered very common due to regular consumption of multivitamins.

Problem of hypervitaminosis

Consuming multivitamins daily may cause a problem of hypervitaminosis in the body. Hypervitaminosis is a condition when there is an abnormal accumulation of vitamins in the body. In the problem of hypervitaminosis, toxic substances accumulate in the body.

Bad effect on the liver

Many researches conducted on multivitamins have revealed that consuming it in excess quantity can cause liver-related problems. If there is an excess amount of Vitamin C in the body, it can lead to increased fatigue, nervousness, and cramps. Many times, taking multivitamins regularly can also lead to the problem of high blood pressure.


Consuming multivitamins or any vitamin pill daily can cause headache problems. People who suffer from headaches after consuming multivitamins should consult a doctor before consuming it.

Can cause internal bleeding

Nowadays, it has become quite common to take Vitamin E to enhance the beauty of skin and hair. Young boys and girls consume Vitamin E tablets even without any medical advice. If Vitamin E tablets are consumed in excess, it can cause internal bleeding in the body.

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