Is it safe to consume excessive sweets during pregnancy?

Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, women have many types of cravings. Sometimes I feel like eating sour food, sometimes I feel like eating spicy and spicy food. But the craving to eat sweets never ends during pregnancy.

Recently, I saw my neighbor’s sister-in-law eating laddus. Seeing my sister-in-law eating laddu, I asked how many pieces do you eat in a day. My Sister-in-law laughingly replied that she doesn’t just eat laddus, my entire fridge is full of many types of sweets, chocolates, and candies. When I feel like eating sweets, I open the fridge and immediately eat whatever I feel like.

After listening to this from my sister-in-law, I wondered whether it is right to eat so much sweets during pregnancy. Anyway, as the cases of diabetes are increasing in India, such questions are bound to arise. How safe is it to eat sweets during pregnancy? Does eating sweets during pregnancy increase the risk of diabetes in a woman?

Is it okay to eat too much sweets during pregnancy?

Dr. Ankita Singh, in a special conversation with us, told us that during pregnancy, women have cravings for many types of food. Craving for sweets is very common during pregnancy. However, eating too much sweets during pregnancy can cause harm to the mother and the baby in the womb. Let us know about it;

Disadvantages of eating too much sweets during pregnancy

Sucrose level increases in blood

During pregnancy, eating too much sweets or anything that contains high amounts of sugar increases the level of sucrose in the blood. Due to an increase in sucrose levels in the body, the risk of diabetes in the mother increases manifold.

Sweets increase weight

If women consume high-calorie foods like cookies, pastries, sweets, puddings, candies chocolates or potatoes during pregnancy, it can increase their weight. Due to excessive weight gain during pregnancy, many types of complications can occur at the time of delivery.

There may be many health problems in the child

Eating too much sweets during pregnancy can have a negative impact on the baby in the womb. If a woman eats too many sweets during pregnancy, the chances of the baby developing diabetes and metabolic syndrome may increase manifold. Sometimes, eating too much sweets by a pregnant woman can also cause heart-related problems in the child.

The risk of asthma increases in children

According to an American study, if a pregnant woman consumes too much sugar or soda, it can increase the risk of asthma in her child. Eating too much sweets or soda during pregnancy can also weaken the learning ability of the baby in the womb.

What to do if you have a craving for sweets during pregnancy?

The doctor says that it is very common to have cravings for sweets during pregnancy or even during normal days. When you have a craving for sweets, do not eat too much at once and consume it in small quantities. The doctor said that during pregnancy, when a woman has a craving for sweets, instead of consuming things containing processed sugar, she should consume foods made from jaggery or refined carbohydrates.

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