Why Some People Don’t Like To Drink Water?

For most people, drinking water is like breathing. They consider water as a physical need. However, there are some people who don’t drink like water. How could that be? Here are the various reasons and how to overcome them.

How come there are people who don’t like drinking water?

Without drinking water, the body will become dehydrated so that the organs of the body do not function properly. In addition, water is also refreshing and able to quench thirst. However, someone may not like plain water because of the things below.

1. Addicted to sugar

Try to notice if you often crave sweet foods or drinks and are always crazy when you eat sweet foods. You may be addicted to sugary foods and drinks, also known as sugar addiction.

People who are addicted to sugar usually prefer drinks that are flavorful, not bland or tasteless like water. This is because their new sense of taste will react positively to drinks such as sweet tea, fruit-flavored sodas, or bottled juices.

Because they are not used to bland food or drinks, water also feels bad on the tongue.

How to overcome not liking to drink water because of sugar addiction

So that it is not too bland, add water, slices of fresh fruit or herbs in plain water. Drinking infused water will indeed make your drinking water tastier and sweeter.

Try adding sliced ​​lemons, strawberries, kiwis, grapes, apples, or pineapples. Leafy herbs such as mint leaves can also add a distinctive taste to your drinking water.

Besides tasting better, infused water also looks more colorful than plain water. This can trick your own mind as if you were drinking a sweet fruit juice instead of water.

2. Bloating after drinking water

There are people who do not like water because after drinking the stomach becomes bloated. Well, this condition may occur because of the wrong way of drinking.

Should be on an empty stomach, drinking one or two glasses of water does not make bloating. However, if you drink a liter of water at a time, your stomach may be overloaded with fluids. You also feel bloated and nauseous.

Likewise, if you just drink water after eating. The problem is, your stomach is already full of food and fluids from food.

How to overcome not liking to drink water for fear of bloating

It’s better to drink often, aka with more intensity but less volume of water to drink. Avoid drinking lots of water immediately, such as drinking three glasses of water every hour.

You should also drink water before eating or while you eat. This is so you can measure whether your stomach feels full or not. After eating, drink enough water and don’t need to overdo it.

3. The water has a strange or unpleasant taste

Be careful if you don’t like drinking water because it tastes weird or bad. Although drinking water has a different taste, it should not taste too sharp or bitter.

The taste of water that is too sharp can be caused by environmental pollution around drinking water sources, the addition of excessive chemicals, or changing the acidity (pH) balance of the water.

How to fix it

If the source of drinking water in your home feels strange, immediately check the quality of the water. For example, if you subscribe to buying gallons of drinking water, ask and make sure the seller has not expired or stale and is stored in an ideal place.

If you usually boil water from the PAM faucet, immediately contact the PAM staff. If you’re boiling water from an underground well, take a sample of the water with you for testing in the laboratory.

Well, for the time being, you should drink water from other sources first. For example, buying another brand of bottled water.

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