Why do sweet foods and drinks make you thirsty?

Sweet foods may be one of your favorite foods. The reason is, the calorie content in sugar gives a delicious sensation when eaten. However, the sugar content in food tends to make the throat feel very dry. That’s why you become thirsty quickly and want to drink more fluids. So, why do sugary foods and drinks make you thirsty? Here’s the explanation.

Why do we feel thirsty?

Simply put, thirst is a normal sensation when the body needs fluids. The rise and fall of thirst is normal. Generally occurs due to food, weather, physical activity, and other factors. Meanwhile, drastically decreased thirst is usually associated with several health problems such as diabetes, acute dehydration, mental disorders, or head injuries.

The thirst signal produced by the body serves to tell you when the body’s fluid levels need to be refilled. This is because the body’s organ systems are used to working with certain fluid levels. When body fluids begin to decrease, then the brain will give a thirst signal so that you fulfill it immediately. Its function is so that the work of all organs in the body is not disturbed.

Causes of sweet foods and drinks make you thirsty

The thirst that arises after eating sweet foods is related to spikes in glucose (sugar) in the blood. When you eat sweet foods, the sugar in the food will enter the stomach and continue into the bloodstream throughout the body. This means that blood glucose levels will increase.

After the sugar particles reach the bloodstream, the water content from the body’s cells will move out of the cells and into the blood. This aims to maintain the balance of fluids in the blood so that it is not too concentrated due to excess sugar. This process is known as osmolarity in the blood.

Osmolarity is a condition that describes how many molecules must be dissolved in a liquid. The more substances dissolved, the higher the osmolarity. Similar to sugar intake, the more sugar you consume, the more sugar molecules must be dissolved in the liquid.

The brain regularly monitors blood concentrations to maintain normal levels. When there is too much glucose in the blood, the body’s cells will send a signal to the brain that it is time for the body to consume additional fluids. This is what causes thirst.

It’s the same if you drink drinks that contain sugar, aka sweet drinks. When you feel thirsty in the midst of hot weather, your eyes are more focused on a fresh juice or other sweet drinks to quench your thirst. This method is actually wrong. Sweet drinks will only increase your thirst. So, it’s better to choose plain water to soothe your throat without increasing thirst.

Actually, it’s not just sweet foods that can make you thirsty. Salty and spicy foods also have the same effect. Especially when you eat sweets and salty foods at the same time, the thirst sensation will automatically multiply.

Immediately consult a doctor if you are often thirsty

Excessive thirst does not always indicate you are addicted to sweet foods. It can also signal certain medical conditions, one of which is diabetes. If you also experience blurred vision, fatigue, changes in the frequency of urination every day, then immediately see a doctor for a more precise diagnosis.

In any condition, your body still needs fluid intake. In fact, according to an article published in the Physiological Research Center, people become thirsty more quickly as they age. Therefore, make sure your fluid needs are met even if you don’t feel thirsty.

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