7 Ways to Extinguish the Burning Sensation in the Mouth After Eating Spicy

Many people like spicy food, but eating too much can actually trigger a burning sensation in the mouth and cause an upset stomach. So, how to overcome the spiciness? Check out the following reviews.

How to deal with a spiciness

When you bite into a chili, the capsaicin will stick to the receptors on the tongue, causing a spicy taste and a burning sensation.

After that, tongue receptors carry signals to the brain signaling the body has touched something hot. This can make the body sweat when it is hot.

The spicy taste that feels can get stronger and doesn’t go away.

To overcome the spiciness, you can eat some foods that help neutralize the taste on the tongue.

1. Drink milk

Drink milk

One of the ways to deal with a spiciness that most people try is drinking milk. Milk is thought to relieve a spicy taste in the mouth thanks to a protein in it called casein.

The casein in milk can actually help break down the capsaicin in chilies. When you drink milk, the casein will help wash away the oil-filled capsaicin molecules floating around your mouth.

For that, choose the type of milk that contains casein protein so that it can cool the burning sensation in the mouth, such as:

1. cow’s milk,
2. yogurt,
3. cottage cheese, or
4. sour cream ( sour cream ).

2. Eat rice or bread

Eat rice or bread

In addition to milk, other foods that are claimed to be able to eliminate the spicy taste are rice or bread. The reason is, these two foods include a source of carbohydrates with starch which gives a ‘rough’ sensation in the mouth.

When you eat rice or bread, the tongue receptors will pick up a different signal. The rough sensation that is raised deceives the receptors so that they no longer detect the spicy taste on the tongue.

In addition, eating starchy foods can help absorb some capsaicin and prevent this compound from entering the body.

3. Consumption of honey or sugar

Consumption of honey or sugar

Did you know that the Scoville scale, which is a measure of the spiciness of a food, is determined by the amount of sugar water needed to remove the spiciness?

This sugar water can remove the spiciness of chilies to an undetectable level. That’s why a tablespoon or so of sugar might help with the spicy taste in your mouth.

Try to mix 1 tablespoon of sugar in water or apply honey to taste. It aims to coat the tongue to relieve the burning sensation of the chili.

4. Drink sour drinks

Drink sour drinks

For those of you who can’t drink cow’s milk, don’t worry. Instead of drinking milk, you can choose sour drinks as a way to deal with the spiciness.

You see, capsaicin is an alkaline molecule, so the acidic compounds in lemon or orange water can help neutralize its molecular activity.

This allows eating or drinking something acidic, such as lemon or lime to help cool a spicy mouth.

However, consume acidic foods in moderation, yes, so that digestive problems do not arise.

5. Use olive oil

Use olive oil

The way to deal with a spiciness that you may not have thought of is to use olive oil.

Olive oil or other vegetable oils contain a lot of fat. This turns out to be able to help ‘wash’ the mouth that feels hot and burning.

If possible, try putting the olive oil in the refrigerator to cool before using it to get rid of the spiciness.

6. Eat peanut butter

Eat peanut butter

Just like olive oil, peanut butter ( peanut butter ) contains a fairly high fat.

This means that you can use peanut butter to get rid of the spicy and hot taste in the mouth.

Not only that, the sugar content in peanut butter contributes greatly in overcoming the burning sensation you feel after eating spicy food.

7. Consumption of chocolate

Consumption of chocolate

Chocolate fans may already know that spicy food can be overcome by consuming chocolate.

Thanks to the sugar content in it, chocolate is considered an equally effective way of dealing with spiciness.

On the other hand, chocolate comes in many forms, both bars and milk. You can also choose chocolate milk to relieve the burning sensation in the mouth.

Chocolate milk contains casein, fat, and sugar which are claimed to relieve the spicy taste. No wonder, chocolate milk is claimed to be a savior when the mouth feels hot.

If the above method of overcoming the spiciness does not produce results and your mouth still feels burning, please consult a doctor.

There is a possibility that the burning sensation could be caused by other things related to disorders around the mouth.

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