Why does joint pain occur with high fever?

Joint Pain and Fever Causes: The weather is changing these days in the entire North India including Delhi-NCR. Sometimes cold winds are bringing down the temperature, and sometimes it is feeling hot due to the bright sunshine. Due to the changing weather these days people are facing the problem of fever. Along with fever, many people are experiencing pain in joints and other parts of the body. People troubled by joint pain along with fever are asking why this is happening.

Why does joint pain occur with high fever?

Doctor Prashant Kumar says that it is very common to have pain in joints or other parts of the body along with fever. The main cause of joint pain in fever is the weakening of body tissues. Due to the weakening of tissue, the body becomes internally weak, due to which there is pain in the joints. The doctor says that viral fever often causes joint pain. If there is mild joint pain along with fever then it is normal, but if it increases then you should contact a doctor.

Symptoms of fever

  • increased body temperature
  • feeling cold
  • feeling tired
  • to be irritable
  • bad mood

What to do when you have a fever?

The best way to reduce fever is to drink plenty of water. By increasing water intake, the toxins present in the body are removed, which also removes infection along with detox. In fever, the body becomes overheated, which leads to sweating so that the body cools down. But sweating can also cause water loss in your body. Health experts believe that if the fever does not subside in one or two days, then a doctor should be contacted immediately.

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