How to Make Face Scrub with Peanuts?

Peanuts Homemade Face Scrub: Clear and glowing skin is the desire of not only girls but also boys. People adopt many types of creams and home remedies for glowing skin. But due to dust, soil, and pollution, the skin gets spoiled. Many times, due to dust, soil, and air pollution, there is a problem of spots, pimples, and blackheads on the skin. Pimples and blemishes still disappear with time, but once the problem of blackheads occurs, it troubles you again and again.

Although many products to get rid of blackheads are available in the market (Blackheads Scrubs), but if you want, we can tell you that you can use peanuts to get relief from this problem and to enhance the beauty of the skin.

It may sound a bit new, but the nutrients in peanuts help in enhancing the complexion by deep cleaning the skin. According to NCBI, such nutrients found in peanuts help in reducing anti-wrinkle effects. Today in this article we are going to tell you how to make peanut scrub and the benefits of using peanuts on the face.

Peanut and Coffee Face Scrub

  • To make peanut and coffee face scrub, first grind 2 to 4 spoons of peanuts and make powder.
  • Take out 2 spoons of peanut powder in a bowl.
  • Now add 1 spoon of coffee powder in it and mix it.
  • Add a little honey to the peanut and coffee mixture.
  • Add some water to this mixture and prepare it like a scrub.
  • Apply the scrub after cleaning the face with water and face wash.
  • After scrubbing the face with peanuts for 5 to 7 minutes, wash with water.
  • If you want, you can also dilute this paste and apply it like a face pack.
  • To get relief from the problem of blackheads, you can use peanut face scrub twice a week.

Why is peanut beneficial for the face?

Hydrates the skin

Applying peanut face scrub or face pack on the face, it helps in hydrating the skin from within. By keeping the skin hydrated from within, symptoms of aging like wrinkles can be relieved.

Provides relief from blemishes

Antioxidants like Vitamin E and C are found in peanuts, which help in providing relief from spots and blemishes on the skin caused by sun rays and beauty products.

Helpful in deep cleaning the skin

Resveratrol and monounsaturated fat are found in peanuts. This nutrient proves helpful in deep cleaning the skin. Peanut face scrub is considered very beneficial especially for people who have oily skin.

While using peanut face scrub or any beauty product, make sure to do a patch test. If you feel any kind of burning or itching during the pat test, then avoid using it.

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