Which Eye Diseases Can Occur Due to Air Pollution Effects?

Air Pollution Effects

The level of air pollution in Delhi and its surrounding areas has reduced significantly as compared to before. Seeing the impact of air pollution reduction, schools and colleges have also been opened, but many people are still facing health problems. Air pollution is harming the heart, kidneys, and lungs. It is also affecting your eyesight.

Due to air pollution, most of people are facing many problems like pain, itching, and burning sensation in the eyes (Air Pollution Effects on Eyes). Today in this article we will give you information about what diseases can happen to your eyes due to air pollution and how it can be prevented.

How are eyes affected by air pollution?

Air pollution mainly causes symptoms like redness and irritation in the eyes, watery eyes, itching in the eyes, discharge, swelling in the eyes and difficulty in opening the eyes, allergy, dryness in the eyes or dry eye disease. If any of these symptoms appear, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Air pollution can cause these eye problems

Conjunctivitis in the eyes

The problem of conjunctivitis in the eyes due to air pollution is considered to be the most common. Ophthalmologist Deepika Goyal says that the problem of conjunctivitis in the eyes can occur at any age. Experts say that the problem of conjunctivitis in the eyes is being seen more these days due to pollution and dust particles. Due to this, symptoms like swelling in the eyes and redness of the eyes appear. He told that if this problem lasts for 1 or 2 days and it gets cured on its own, but if this problem persists for two to three days then a doctor should be contacted.

blurred or reduced vision

When air pollution particles come in contact with the eyes, it sometimes causes blurred or reduced vision. Although most people ignore it. If you suddenly see blurred vision or are having trouble seeing something far away, then this can also be due to air pollution. In such a situation, you should get your eyes checked immediately.

How to Protect Eyes From Air Pollution

  • While going out of the house, cover the face with a cloth and wear sunglasses over the eyes.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water frequently.
  • After going out, do not rub your eyes without washing your hands.
  • Use eye drops to ensure that your eyesight is not affected in any way.
  • Avoid using contact lenses as much as possible.
  • Wear glasses while using a computer or any screen.

Pay attention to diet to avoid the effects of air pollution

To reduce or control the effects of air pollution, focus completely on your diet. Drink as much water as possible and keep the body hydrated. Make things rich in omega-3 fatty acids a part of your daily diet.

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