What is Repost ? and How to Use It on IG, Twitter and Facebook?

Ever read this “Permission to repost the post”! what is a repost? If you are often active on social media, then you must have seen this sentence often.

Social media is a place for us to post, find information, and re-share information that is considered important for many people to know.

One of the activities to provide this information is to briefly understand what a repost is. What are reposting activities like on social media and what are the benefits? Here’s the full review.


What is Repost?
Why Do People Repost?
Benefits of Repost for Brands

Ways to Repost Social Media

4.1 1. Repost on Facebook
4.2 2. Repost on Twitter
4.3 3. Repost on Instagram
Differences Repost and Share

What is Repost?

If we look at the Cambridge Dictionaryrepost has the meaning as an activity that allows users to choose a post on social media with the aim of spreading it more widely.

How to do what activity is a repost is actually very easy to understand. However, the way to repost on each social media can be a bit different.

For example, to repost on Instagram, the method is slightly different from reposting on Twitter. But the point is both to repost or repost.

Why Do People Repost?

In general, the reason why people repost on social media is because of the liking they feel for an object or person contained in that content.

In the business world, reposting is carried out as a marketing strategy, so that the product or service being offered can sell well in the market.

Online business owners who have received testimonials from their customers will usually do what is repost on their social media stalls.

that way, new potential customers will later see the repost and start to be curious about the products or services offered.

Repost Benefits for Brands

In the business sphere, doing what is repost turned out to be one of the most important marketing strategies. This is a method of providing more than just profit.

Reposting on social media can actually increase customer engagement with a product or service.

What is repost is also part of social media marketing that has a positive effect on increasing sales of certain products or services.

  • In addition, what is a repost also has other benefits for businesses, namely:
  • Can increase the amount of website traffic quickly
  • Able to increase ROI value
  • Very useful for bringing in new prospects
  • More cost-effective

How to Repost Social Media

Before discussing how to do a repost on social media, you should first identify the type of social media.

If you open Instagram more often, then make sure you also understand the procedure that must be followed when doing a repost.

So how do you repost on social media? It all depends on which platform to choose. Here’s the review:

1. Repost on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media in Indonesia. through fb we can post photos and also repost them. What a repost looks like on Facebook, here’s how to do it:

  • Log in to the Facebook app with your active account
  • Choose and determine which posts will be reposted
  • Look for the share button located below the post
  • Select “Share this status” for what is a repost in the form of a text box

You can also set about who can see the report. Select “custom”, then select “share the status” under the post

2. Repost on Twitter

The next social media is Twitter, where you can also repost easily and as much as possible. What term is repost on Twitter is “retweet”. Here’s how to retweet in the Twitter app:

  • Log in to Twitter with an active Twitter account
  • Choose which posts to retweet. Usually, viral posts have been retweeted a lot and will be RT again
  • Click the RT or Retweet icon, in the form of a box below the post
  • Automatically, the tweets you choose will be retweeted and appear on your Twitter profile

3. Repost on Instagram

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which repost a lot of sentences or text, Instagram allows us to repost images more. Here’s how to repost on Instagram:

  • Choose a photo or video that will be reposted on your Instagram feed
  • Look at the bottom of the post icon with a picture of a plane. It’s next to the like and comment icon
  • Several repost options will appear, and you can choose the “Add post to your story” option, just click it
  • Then the Instagram story display will appear with the contents of the repost of the image you selected earlier
  • You can do editing before reposting, such as adding text, gifts, images, and so on.
  • Then select “Send to” and select “your story”, the image will be reposted on your Instagram story
  • In addition, you can also do what is repost directly on Instagram. The trick is to open your IG “direct message” DM, then select the post sent to your DM.
  • Click “Add to your story” and do the editing like the previous step
  • Then click “send to” then select “your story” then the post will immediately appear in your story

Difference between Repost and Share

Do the words repost and share have the same meaning? Both are terms in English which means quite different from each other.

People who do reposts are people who already want to share information that they feel will be related to the lives of many people.

Meanwhile, sharing, which is also found on social media, is an activity to provide important information to the public, by only sharing the business website link address.

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