Instagram Insights : This is what it means, features, and benefits

Almost all brands in the current digital era have social media accounts, one of which is the Instagram platform. Instagram itself has features that are practically complete for the needs of marketing activities, namely the availability of Instagram Insights.

Instagram Insights is a feature that can provide an explanation of the progress of our posts and accounts.

By converting your Instagram account to a business, you can easily monitor your marketing strategy through Instagram Insights. Based on the type of feed post or story post, you can reach people to promote your business.

How can Instagram Insights help you run your business? So, what are Instagram Insights? Find the answer by reading the article about Instagram Insights in the article below.


Instagram Insights features

1.1 1. Content
1.2 2. Feed Post
1.3 3. Stories
1.4 4. Promotion
1.5 5. Activity
1.6 6. Interactions
1.7 7. Discovery
1.8 8. Audience
Benefits of Instagram Insights Are

2.1 1. Characteristics of Followers
2.2 2. Content Effectiveness
2.3 3. As an Instagram Marketing Evaluation Material

What are Instagram Insights?

You need to understand that Instagram Insights is one of the tools available on Instagram as a tool to analyze and provide data about demographics and follower actions, as well as your content.

With Instagram Insights, it will be easier for you to compare content, measure campaigns (campaign), and see how each post is performing.

This feature is only available for business accounts. To be able to use Instagram’s Insights feature, you must change your account from a personal to a business account.

Not only that, this feature will display a collection of data that can be used to find out information so that it can be used in account optimization.

The data contained in Instagram Insights contains various information about the content you post, as well as knowing how many interactions occur on your Instagram account, as well as knowing the personal data (gender, age, and geography) of followers.

Instagram Insights is a built-in Instagram feature that is provided free of charge. Instagram Insights will provide information in a graph about the performance of your marketing strategy and its impact on followers.

Almost the same as an offline business strategy, you definitely need a report that contains an analysis of previous achievements and business planning for the future.

Information provided by Instagram Insights such as whether your feed or story posts can attract new followers? Are your followers interested in visiting your profile?

Instagram Insights features

After you know what Instagram Insights are, you also need to understand that Instagram Insights have several features, including the following:

1. Content

The first menu is content. In the content menu, you can find information on the content that has been uploaded.

This content usually contains information about how many accounts have seen the post since it was uploaded. Not only that, you can see information on how many people have shared the feed or story post, and how many accounts have saved the post.

In this content menu, there is also information about the frequency of your posts in a week. Then, you can compare the frequency of the number of posts with the previous week.

2. Feed Post

The D in the feed post feature will show Insights of your Instagram content since it was converted to a business account. The reach time span in this data is estimated to be two years.

Unfortunately, you can’t see Instagram Insights from uploaded posts when using a personal account. The displayed data will usually be sorted from best-performing content to worst-performing.

The good thing about Instagram Insights is that you can filter this information based on photos, videos, carousels, or entire posts. Thus, it will be easier to find the information you are looking for.

Feed Post will also display more specific data, such as:

  • Comments or the number of comments you receive
  • Follow or the number of users who follow your account after seeing your posts
  • Likes or the number of likes you can get in one content
  • Saved or the number of accounts that save your posts
  • Engagement or the accumulated number of likes, comments, and saves a post
  • Calls or the number of accounts that clicked the call button on the profile after seeing it in your post
  • Emails or the number of accounts that hit the email button on the profile after viewing your post or profile
  • Get direction or the number of users who hit the get direction button after viewing your content.
  • Impressions and Views are the numbers of views of your content
  • Profile visit or the number of times your profile has been visited after viewing your posts
  • Reach or the number of reaches how many users see your post
  • Texts or the number of users who sent you SMS after viewing your content
  • Website clicks or the number of users who press the website link button on your profile after viewing the post.

3. Stories

After understanding your feed, Instagram Insights are available on your uploaded Story. The difference with feed posts is, Insights displayed on Stories are only available for a period of 24 hours, 7 days, and 14 days.

Detailed Stories are not much different from Feed Posts. It’s just that there are a few different details such as:

  • Back or the number of times a visitor taps the screen to revisit your Story upload
  • Exited or the number of clicks before a user leaves your uploaded story
  • Forwards or the number of screen taps a user takes to see your next story
  • Link Opens or how many links embedded in the story are opened
  • Next Story or the number of users who can immediately switch to another account’s story
  • Replies or the number of replies received from your uploaded story

4. Promotion

This promotion sub-menu can be used to see the performance of the feed posts or stories that you advertise. However, the detailed data presented is not as much as in the Feed Post or stories.

  • Audience Demographics contains data on gender, age and where the ad access can be viewed
  • Engagement is the accumulation of the number of likes, comments, and post storage on posts
  • The impression is the total number of views of the content
  • Reach is how many accounts saw your post
  • Profile Visit is the number of users visiting your account after viewing your posts.

5. Activity

In this activity menu, you can see how many interactions occurred on your account. Then, there is also information about how many accounts your posts have reached. In this activity, there are also two sub-menus, namely Interactions and also discovery.

6. Interactions

This interactions sub-menu can display the number of interactions that followers have with your Instagram account in one week. Here you can compare the data collected in seven days.

The Interactions function is so that you can see the engagement graph on your account. For example, on what day is the highest engagement? Why is engagement on Wednesday lower than Friday?

Here you can also find solutions to improve your content and find out the best times to promote something.

7. Discovery

In the discovery menu, you can display account performance by using the marketing matrix, namely reach and impressions. Its function is to see a comparison between the number of visitors and the number of impressions.

Reach is the number of accounts that visited or viewed your post. While Impression is the number of times your post is seen by the audience.

For example, let’s say your post was viewed 100 times by account A and 200 times by account B. The total number of reach you got was 2, while the impressions reached more than 300. This data seems to show how interested other users are with your posts. If your impression number is high, it can be said that the content is interesting and also makes people see it again and again.

8. Audience

How to find out follower data to customize content? You don’t need to worry, Instagram Insights provides this information on the audience menu.

The audience sub-menu displays the gender, age, and geographic location of your followers. Not only that, you can also find out the average time your followers access their Instagram accounts.

The data will be displayed automatically in the info graph. If you want to know more detailed information, you can simply press the graph you want to know.

This information will be useful for you in customizing content based on followers. In this audience, you can search for topics that are relevant to the age range of the audience, or topics that are hot in the geographic location of the audience.

The Benefits of Instagram Insights Are

As explained above, Instagram Insights can give us an overview of the actual conditions, so that you can do more mature analysis, evaluation, and planning marketing strategies in the future. Here are some of the benefits that you can get from Instagram Insights.

1. Characteristics of Followers

Knowing the characteristics of your followers is the most crucial thing. You will find out what types of content you like the most, what products are suitable to sell, and what is the most appropriate strategy.

For example, if your audience is women, it would be better if you distribute more content about women. Vice versa.

2. Content Effectiveness

In general, not all content is liked by the audience. Therefore, try to pay attention to what kind of content can have the best performance or the highest engagement.

Instagram can provide very detailed data, so we can take the right policies regarding existing content.

3. As an Instagram Marketing Evaluation Material

With Instagram Insights, you can measure the effectiveness of content, starting on a weekly or monthly scale. So, you will know how far the marketing target has been achieved. If the results are unsatisfactory, it means that you will have to do a massive evaluation to find out where the error lies.

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