Twitter Spaces: Benefits and Examples of Their Use in Business

Every iOS user must be familiar with Clubhouse. This social audio platform was popular and able to maximize your business promotion. However, this platform is exclusive to iOS users only. Well, for those of you who want to try the same features freely without any limitations, then you can try Twitter spaces.

What are twitter spaces? how to use it to maximize sales potential? Find the answer by reading the article about twitter spaces below to the end.


1 What are Twitter Spaces?
2 Benefits of Twitter Spaces for Your Business
2.1 1. Making Events Easier
2.2 2. Increase Brand Reputation
2.3 3. Adding Business Insights
2.4 4. Get Feedback About New Products
3 Examples of Using Twitter Spaces for Business
3.1 1. Thought Leadership
3.2 2. Question and Answer (Q&A) dan Ask Me Anything (AMA)
3.3 3. Comments Column on Live Events
3.4 4. Product Launch
3.5 5. Giveaway
4 Closing

What are Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces is a new feature released by the social media app Twitter to allow you to stream voice chats with other Twitter users. Well, a chat room that exists on Twitter Spaces is called a space.

The Twitter Spaces feature was officially released to the market in May 2021 for every Android and iOS user. However, only those who have reached 600 followers and above can host the chat room.

Twitter space is actually inspired by Clubhouse. But the difference is that Twitter Spaces are more open so that every user can listen. So, Twitter spaces can provide many benefits for your Business.

Benefits of Twitter Spaces for Your Business

1. Making Events Easier

You no longer have to bother with organizing events offline. Twitter spaces allow you to host events online with just a few clicks.

In addition, online events will also save your marketing budget, because the event is held for free. You can use the remaining funds to invest in high-quality speakers. Events with high quality will be able to attract many potential clients to be more educated.

What’s more, currently the percentage of online events has increased very significantly, which is 1000%. This means that you will have more opportunities to get potential clients through the event.

2. Increase Brand Reputation

You can hold panel discussions related to topics that are being discussed a lot in your business industry. the goal is to be able to increase the online presence or brand image of your business.

This online presence is able to provide an opportunity for your brand to create a positive narrative for potential customers. So, they will be more confident to buy products from you.

Reporting from the Forbes page, as many as 97% of business people say online presence management to improve brand reputation has a very important role. Why? because before customers make a decision to buy, generally they will look for references through digital marketing content.

For example, you are someone who has a role as a social media strategist. In this case, you can represent your brand to share knowledge and experiences related to social media marketing. The panel discussions that you organize will make you judged as an expert in your field. As a result, your brand reputation will increase in the eyes of the audience.

Based on research conducted by Edelman and LinkedIn, the increasing brand reputation occurs because expertise will increase opportunities in business cooperation. Of course this will be more profitable for your business.

3. Adding Business Insights

You can also take part in panel discussions related to your field of business organized by competing brands. So, your business insight will increase.

This is because you know the experiences of your competitors’ customers from various aspects. You can use this information to make a better product.

So, what information should you get? The information you should get from your competitors is product information, sales information, as well as marketing information.

The best tip to maximize your business insight using Twitter Spaces is to be a good listener. The talk in the discussion will help you understand the latest trends in your industry. So, you will have a lot of inspiration to create a marketing strategy or marketing content.

4. Get Feedback About New Products

For those of you who have just released a new product, of course you will really need feedback from potential customers. The goal is to be able to find out what features really need to be developed further.

Well, in this case you can create a chat room with a question and answer format so you can find out. Give your audience a good opportunity to explore the advantages and disadvantages of your product over other products.

This method is considered more effective than conducting a survey via email. The reason is, you will get real-time feedback. So, you no longer need to wait for an email reply from your customer.

Examples of Using Twitter Spaces for Business

1. Thought Leadership

You can use Twitter Spaces to create thought leadership-themed content. This online event that is held with experts is carried out by discussing various topics that are relevant to your business industry.

There are lots of event formats that you can use, such as webinars or panel discussions. In this event, you can appoint one of your employees to share experiences in your current business industry.

2. Question and Answer (Q&A) dan Ask Me Anything (AMA)

In addition to thought leadership, you can also create Q&A sessions as is often done in Instagram stories. The difference is, in this case, Twitter Spaces is able to offer question and answer interactions in real-time.

You can use this question and answer session to open up opportunities for the audience to ask questions about the new features of your product. In addition, they can also ask various things about your product.

When the audience asks each other, they will immediately receive the answer. You don’t need to experience the condition of overlapping or unreadable comments.

In addition, you can also invite influencers who are really relevant to your business so that they can do Ask Me Anything sessions. Audiences have the freedom to ask influencers about certain topics, then your brand can act as a moderator.

3. Comment Column on Live Events

If there is a live event that is being watched, then you can host a live commentary event using the Twitter spaces. For example, you can comment on a sports match or a live television show. You can invite customers who are members of the community to participate in this event

4. Product Launch

You can also use Twitter Spaces as a medium for new product launches. The trick, you only have to invite your loyal customers to online events by discussing various product features that you just released.

In this online event that you organize, let the audience ask about your product features in detail. However, you must be able to provide answers in real-time. This way can give customers the opportunity to further export product knowledge and also promote the benefits of the products you offer.

5. Giveaway

Another example of further use of twitter spaces is to organize a giveaway event with a special theme. For example, the theme of the release of a new platform, the release of industry research results in managing marketing strategies, or plans to expand the market.

During the launch event, you can invite your audience to play a quiz or take on a challenge. For every winning audience, you can give away your newest product as a prize.


Twitter space is a new feature of Twitter that can help you create audio chat rooms with other Twitter users.

If used properly, then this new feature of Twitter can automatically provide many benefits for your business. Starting from improving brand image, increasing business insight, to getting feedback from customers quickly. As a result, your profits will also increase.

However, do not forget to record these gains in the income statement. This report is very useful to be used as reference material in determining future policy decisions, as well as to ascertain your current financial position.

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