What is Google Display Network (GDN): How to Double Your Business Profits

The Google Display Network is another way that businesses or marketers can use to advertise their products or services on Google Adwords. The Google Display Network or GDN is able to show your ads in a display format across the internet.

So, what is the Google Display Network? What are the types? How is it different from the Google Search Network? What are the benefits of implementing this ad? find the answer by reading this article about the Google Display Network to the end.

Google Display Network Targeting Type

1.1 1. Topic Targeting
1.2 2. Keyword or Contextual Targeting
1.3 3. Interest Targeting
1.4 4. Placement Targeting
1.5 5. Remarketing Targeting
1.6 6. Demographic Targeting
Advantages of the Google Display Network

2.1 1. Increase Brand Awareness
2.2 2. Visual Ads Are More Attractive To The Target Market
2.3 3. Many Types of Targeting
2.4 4. Remarketing
Differences between Google Display Network and Search Network

3.1 1. Budget
3.2 2. Product Type
3.3 3. Brand Awareness

What is GDN (Google Display Network)?

As the name implies, the Google Display Network is an advertising service from Google that is capable of displaying ads in the form of display ads. This display ad format can be in the form of visuals or text.

Google Display Network with text format is as below:

Google Display Network (GDN): How to Double Your Business Profits1

As for the Google Display Network in visual format, it can be in the form of videos, images, to GIFs, as below:

Google Display Network (GDN): How to Double Your Business Profits2

However, the Google Display Network can not only be used for websites but can also be used for applications and mobile games. For that, Google itself says that Google Display Network ads are able to reach up to 90% more internet users in the world.

Google Display Network Targeting Type

1. Topic Targeting

Topic targeting is perfect for those of you who want to advertise on a website or platform related to a particular topic. For example, you want to sell camping equipment, then of course you want to display these ads on websites related to traveling or hiking.

For this reason, this type of Google Display Network will prevent your ads from appearing on websites or platforms that are not related to the product you are advertising. Even so, the level of coverage of this type of GDN is still too broad.

For example, the topic of hiking is certainly not limited to camping equipment, but also other outdoor products. So, this type of GDN ads may not be suitable for those of you who want to target fish locations in more detail

2. Keyword or Contextual Targeting

This type of targeting will help you in linking your ads with specific keywords. Just like the ad example in the first point, if you want to sell camping equipment, of course you want to target your ad on related keywords, such as camping, tents, hiking, etc.

This will make your ad appear on websites or platforms related to these keywords. You can also target these ads to show ads according to the context.

3. Interest Targeting

Interest targeting is a type of Google Display Network that will show ads based on the preferences of the target market.

For example, you want to target ads to those who have a minimalist lifestyle, then your ad will appear on those who have that preference. For that, try to find out in advance about the characteristics of potential customers before choosing to target this type of advertising. Besides that, you also have to create a buyer persona.

4. Placement Targeting

If you already know the websites that are frequently visited by potential customers, then you can place advertisements on the websites visited by them. You can do this by using the Google Display Network type of placement targeting.

But what if you still don’t know what websites are often visited by potential customers? Well, in this case, you can still use automatic placement, where later Google will search for websites that match your ad keywords.

5. Remarketing Targeting

Remarketing targeting is perfect for those of you who want to reach potential customers who are already interested but don’t yet have the desire to buy. You can also use this type of ad to increase brand awareness while increasing your sales conversions.

6. Demographic Targeting

If you have succeeded in creating a buyer persona, surely you already know the characteristics of each of your potential customers, ranging from gender, age, to the domicile of your prospective customer.

You can also show your ad based on the characteristics above. So, you can be sure that your ads will reach the right audience. As with interest targeting, you also have to be able to find out potential customers first before using the Google Display Network type of demographic targeting.

Advantages of Google Display Network

1. Increase Brand Awareness

By using the Google Display Network, you can increase brand awareness because GDN is able to reach up to 90% of internet users worldwide. Your ad will appear on various platforms so that many people will recognize your product or brand.

2. Visual Ads Are More Attractive To The Target Market

As we discussed earlier, Google Display Network ads can be realized in visual form, and many studies say that visual ads are much more attractive than text ads.

For example, research conducted by t-sciences, they say that 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual. In addition, Search engine people also say that 80% of people remember what they see more than what they read. That means it’s more likely that your audience will click on your GDN ad than a plain text ad.

3. Many Types of Targeting

There are many types of targeting that you can choose from using the Google Display Network. Starting from targets that match the habits and interests of each audience, age and gender, to being able to determine what website you want to display your ad on.

With so many types of GDN targeting, it will give you freedom according to the marketing strategy you want to apply.

4. Remarketing

As we discussed in the previous point, remarketing is a process where the Google Display Network will show your ad to potential customers who have clicked on your ad but have not made a purchase.

Later, they will see your ad on the website or smartphone application. Remarketing is very useful to maintain the level of buying intent of potential customers.

Difference between Google Display Network and Search Network

As we all know that Google AdWords has two types of advertising for businesses, namely the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network.

If you are still confused about which ad you want to choose, then we provide the difference between the two.

1. Budget

If you have a limited budget, then we recommend using the Search Network. Why? because ads that are on search engines have been proven to have a higher potential to generate conversions than display ads.

The official Wordstream page proves that the conversion rate that can be generated on the Search Network is 2.70% higher than the display network which only touches 0.89%.

For that, using a search network can generate more profits faster for you before your marketing budget runs out.

2. Product Type

If you want to sell products or services that are emergency or that are needed urgently by the public, it is recommended to place an advertisement on the Search Network.

Why? because they will search for the item on Google when they really need it. They had the intention to use the item immediately. So, they have a great chance to click on the top search results on Google.

As for the Google Display Network, it is more appropriate for new types of products that are not emergency or not needed immediately, such as smartphones, jewelry, laptops, etc. In addition, GDN is also very suitable for those of you who have an attractive product display.

3. Brand Awareness

The Google Display Network is a great way to increase brand awareness. Why? because GDN has a very wide network and is able to reach up to 90% of internet users worldwide.

The Google Display Network isn’t just limited to search as well as the search network. GDN is also able to reach websites, applications, to game applications.

Therefore, by using GDN, your brand can be better known to potential consumers. They can still see your ad even though they have never heard of or searched about your brand on Google.


That’s our complete discussion of the Google Display Network. By applying the various tips above, then you are one step ahead of being able to get multiple benefits.

However, before choosing the Google Display Network, you must first determine your marketing budget, because this type of advertising requires relatively larger funds. In addition, don’t forget to keep recording your advertising expenses in a neat and precise financial report.

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