What is Google Trend: Definition and How to Use It

Google provides a service that can help its users find the latest topics. Well, Google trend is the service in question, with a tool with various functions, especially for marketers.

Today, many people are competing to increase their website traffic in order to grow their business. Well, one of the right ways to make it happen is to look for something that is currently being discussed so that it can be packaged into interesting content.

Then, what exactly is Google Trends? Find the answer by reading the article about Google Trends below to the end.


Definition of Google Trends Is
Ways to Use Google Trends

2.1 1. Go to the Google Trends site
2.2 2. Change Location
2.3 3. Write the Search Word
Ways to Use Google Trends Specific Search Options
Ways to Use Google Trends To Predict Trends
Find Additional Insights On Google Trends “Top Charts”
Using Trend Cycles to Position Products

Understanding Google Trends Is

Google Trends is one of Google’s services that is able to provide data and graphs related to the current level of popularity on the search page or Google search engine.

Actually, this service has been launched since 2006. Until now, the service is still being developed.

The interesting thing about Google Trends is that this service is able to display hot topics and can also be used for keyword research. By using Google Trends, you can search for keywords that are widely used. In addition, you can also perform performance comparisons between each keyword, so that you can choose the right one.

Another important thing about Google Trends is that it looks very simple, making it easier for anyone who wants to use it.

You can also enjoy this service for free. So, you can find the various information you need through Google Trends. Of course this will make it easier for those of you who are developing websites.

How to Use Google Trends

you can use Google Trends for various marketing purposes. Generally, many people use this tool for SEO and content marketing purposes.

However, many of them also use Google Trends to find inspiration in creating advertising campaigns. Because Google Trends is able to capture what is being hotly discussed by the public. Well, here’s how to use Google Trends:

1. Go to the Google Trends site

First, please open the Google Trends site at this link . then, you will get a view like an image below:


2. Change Location

In the area on the top right, please change the location first according to what you want. If you want to know the trends that are developing in other countries, you just have to decide on that option.

3. Write the Search Word

If so, all you have to do is enter the search word you want to know. Reporting from the official  Business Insider page, you must write clear and detailed keywords or keywords.

For example, if you are looking for the Apple company, then write “apple company”. In addition, this service will also provide more specific options according to your needs.

When you have typed the keywords you want to know, you will be directed to a page like the one below:

Here, you can see a graph table of user trends in searching for keywords Apple as a company in the last one year. In addition, at the bottom you will also get a division of user interest in searching for Apple keywords by area.

The very bottom is another very important thing. Because, you can see topics and queries related to Apple companies. With this information, you can develop it into interesting content.

In order to compare performance between keywords, please enter these keywords in the compare column at the top of the page.

How to Use Google Trends Specific Search Options

In addition, it can be used to analyze search levels on search engine pages. You can also analyze what many are looking for on YouTube. You can use this feature on the same page.

When you click on the YouTube option, Google Trends will automatically change the graph display to existing search data from YouTube.

Even though they use similar keywords, the search graphs on Google Search and YouTube search engines are definitely different, because both are different services and many people are more likely to search for videos on YouTube than on Google Search.

You can also use other searches, such as News Search, Image Search, or Google Shopping. Of these four types of searches, YouTube Search is the most popular tool if you’re interested in targeting visitors who use videos.

How to Use Google Trends To Predict Trends

Google Trends is able to provide complete information. You can get this information from Google Trends so you can create interesting content according to the keywords you choose. Of course this will lead to a sense of optimism to occupy the top position in search results.

But the problem is not in how you create content, but in how you view the data obtained from Google Trends itself.

You should always remember that you are not the only one who uses Google Trends as an analytics application. They are competitors, bloggers, adsense seekers, and others who also use Google Trends. This will make the data you get will also be the same as the data they get.

However, not everyone can read the data correctly. When all users perform the same data analysis, the results are also likely to be different. Well, the best way to deal with this is to manage data wisely.

There are three tips you can use.

  • Identify trends according to the target country or category you are targeting.
  • Compare phrases that have the same meaning.
  • Pay attention to the graph, if it increases, then the opportunity to become a trend will also continue to increase. But, you have to be careful about this, because it could be that the increasing trend only occurs at a time.

Finding Additional Insights On Google Trends “Top Charts”

The Top Chart is different from the trend that many people are looking at at the time. We can call this feature the 100 most hotly discussed content on the Google search page. You can see what topics are currently trending in several categories.

For example, a very popular animal to this day is the deer. Apart from that, you can also find various other interesting things.

In this feature, you will also find that dogs are more dominant in speech than cats. However, it should be underlined that all of this depends on the context.

Using Trend Cycles to Position Products

A context is involved in making an impact on search engines. With context, you can see when a cycle is likely to occur.

The cycle is like when someone will do a keyword search at a certain time. For example, the keyword iftar menu will generally increase in the month of fasting and will decrease on weekdays.

You can use this to offer products related to the iftar menu. The trick is to create content that leads to the iftar menu keywords.

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