What is Google News: Definition and How to Register for Google News

In this digital era, the need for information is increasing. Internet users also need access to more credible and up-to-date information. Therefore, Google provides the Google News feature.

This one feature is very popular and useful for readers and website voters themselves. Well, if you are interested in registering your blog on the Google News news page, you must first know how to register properly. How to? Read this article about Google News to the end.


1 What is Google News?
2 Benefits of Signing Up for Google News

2.1 1. Easier to Get to the First Page of Google Search Engine
2.2 2. Increasing the Number of Visitors
2.3 3. Effective Media Branding
2.4 4. Chance to Get Lots of Backlinks
2.5 5. No need to spend on advertising
3 Ways to Register a Blog to Google News

3.1 1. Sign in with Google Account
3.2 2. Website Ownership Verification
3.3 3. Go to Google News Publisher Center
3.4 4. Adding Your Blog
3.5 5. Filling in Your Blog Information
3.6 6. Done
3.7 7. Waiting for Google Review

What is Google News?

As the name implies, Google News is a service from Google that focuses on providing news content from various websites around the world, including Indonesia.

With an attractive and intuitive display, readers can access various news via their laptop or smartphone. Uniquely, this service can be used for free. Therefore, don’t be discouraged if there is more than one user on Google play who has already downloaded this service.

Users are also not required to log in to enjoy it. However, if you use a Google account when accessing it, you will be presented with personalized content, which means you will get news according to your interests.

One of the advantages of Google News over other platforms is that it makes it easy for its users to get news based on Location, Topic, or News Source.

For blog owners, getting a place on Google News can provide a distinct advantage. Why? because the list of visits on Google News in one month is able to reach 494 million users all over the world. So, if you are able to use this feature well, then you will be positively affected.

Google News can not only be filled by well-known online media, you as a blog owner can also register there. That means, your news content can also become one of the headlines if it is interesting and worthy to be disseminated.

Benefits of Signing Up for Google News

Google News is able to provide many benefits for blog owners when they become part of this service. So, what are the benefits?:

1. Easier to Enter the First Page of Google Search Engine

If you already have quality and unique news content, Google News will not hesitate to position your news in the main news list. So, Google will consider that your website is worthy to occupy the top position of the search engine.

As we all know, getting to the top of the search engine is not an easy matter. You must be able to do search engine optimization or with SEO. But, if you can take full advantage of Google News, then getting to the top of Google is not a difficult matter.

2. Increase the Number of Visitors

The easier your content is for visitors to find, the greater the chance that your blog will be visited by them. In addition, you can also be sure that your visitors come from very high-quality traffic.

Why? because of an important role called personalized content. Every user who visits your blog will be happy that the topics you present have the exact relevance to what they need.

3. Effective Media Branding

If your blog is able to present good content, then the effect will also be positive. In addition to getting loyal visitors to your blog, you will also be considered very expert in this field. So, it will help you to improve your website brand.

4. Chance to Get Lots of Backlinks

A backlink is a link on another website that points directly to your website. As a blogger, you must have understood that backlinks have an important role in increasing the credibility of the blog.

When your content is recommended by the Google News feature, your content will become the latest reference on a particular topic. If there are other bloggers who are in need of supporting references, of course they will use a trusted source, and that source could be your blog.

Well, the more backlinks you get, the more trusted your blog will be.

5. No Need To Spend On Advertising

It is a natural thing if you want to use advertising to promote your blog. But, if you are able to get the same results without having to spend money, it will be even better.

Google News has the potential to bring organic traffic to your blog. Organic traffic is a visit that comes from search engines and you are free from spending any money.

How to Register a Blog to Google News

1. Sign in with Google Account

The first thing you have to do is to go to this page and login using the Google account you already have

2. Website Ownership Verification

If you have not previously taken any verification actions regarding website ownership, then you will be asked to do so first via GSC or Google Search Console.

You should underline here that Google News has its own crawler engine, for that you must add an XML sitemap on your news blog. This is done so that Google News can continue to update on any changes to your blog.

3. Go to Google News Publisher Center

If you have just registered your blog to Google News, you will get a view like the one below:

4. Adding Your Blog

Next, please add your blog which is in the “ Want to suggest a website for Google News? Click here .”

Later, you will see a Google News registration request page like the example image below:


5. Filling in Your Blog Information

You will be asked to fill in the information for the sake of the curation process by the Google team. For that, please fill in the information they requested correctly.


General Information

  • About your news site: All information related to news blogs that you register with Google News in detail

Site Information

  • Source URL: The address of your news blog website.
  • Source Name: The name of your blog clearly
  • Site Language: The language you use on your news blog. However, Google News does not allow you to use more than one language.
  • City, State/Province and Region: Full address of the news blog owner.

Select All Categories that Apply to the Content of Your Site


  • Opinion content: check this option if your news publication is about Opinion content
  • User-generated content: check this option if the user-generated content has gone through the editing process first
  • Blog: please check this option
  • Press release: Please check this option when you publish a press release
  • Satire: Please check this option if your news blog contains satirical elements

News Section Information

  • URL: This is the name of the domain or subdomains that you want to add to Google News
  • Labels: A type of news you want to display

6. Done

When you have filled in all the required data, please click submit

7. Waiting for Google Reviews

The next stage is the review stage which will be carried out by the Google team for approximately one to three weeks.

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