What is Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva and how does it cause a person to slowly turn to stone?

What is Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva:

It is said that our body is made up of five elements: fire, water, air and soil. This is also written in the scriptures, but can anyone’s body be like Vraj i.e. stone? It is described in the Mahabharata that at one time Duryodhana’s body had become that of Vajra, but this happened with the blessings of his mother, that is, it can be said that it is impossible for this to happen, but in New York city, the body of a young man is becoming that of Vajra, i.e. stone. The name of this person is listed. He has a syndrome called Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP), also known as ‘Stone Man Syndrome’. In this disease, the person loses 95 percent of the moment. According to the reports of Daily Mail UK, Joe Such was found out about this rare syndrome at the age of 3, when swelling was seen in various parts of his body.

While sharing a video on his official YouTube channel, Joe has said, “This disease occurs in one in 2 million people. Till now this disease has been found in only 800 people worldwide.” In his video, Joe has further explained that as his bones are growing with age, he feels as if someone has inserted a knife into his body. His condition may worsen further in the coming days.

Having trouble eating food

Joe Such has further explained in his post that his ability to swallow food has been decreasing in the last 9 months. He is no longer able to swallow food whole. Due to the body not getting adequate amounts of food, the weight of the patients is not only decreasing, but they are also not being treated properly. Currently, a tube has been placed in Joe’s stomach so that surgery can be performed. Let us know what is Stone Man Syndrome and what are the symptoms of this disease.

What is Stone Man Syndrome?

Stoneman syndrome is a genetic disorder. In this rare disease, human muscles, bones, and tendons gradually freeze in their place. After some time has passed in this disease, the person feels as if the body is turning into stone. In this disease, it becomes difficult for a person to even walk and do his work. In most cases, a person suffering from this disease has to take help from others for his personal work also.

What are the symptoms of Stoneman syndrome?

According to the National Organization of Rare Disorders, it is neither easy nor difficult to recognize the symptoms of a person suffering from a disease like Stone Man Syndrome. One can understand if this syndrome is present in someone in the family by looking at the nuances of the toes and thumbs of their newborn baby.

According to reports, Stone Man Syndrome disease can be detected through examination of toes and thumbs in childhood. Health experts believe that if this disease is detected in childhood, treatment is possible, but as age increases, treatment becomes impossible. In this rare disease, tissue slowly makes its way down to the legs, hips, back, and limbs.

What is the treatment for stone man syndrome?

It is a genetic disease. At present no permanent treatment is possible for it. Removing bone in this disease will only cause new and more painful heterotopic bone to develop.

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