Benefits Of Eating Gond Katira In Summer

Benefits Of Gond Katira In Summer: In summer, we try to include such things in our diet that cool the body. In such a situation, we have only limited options like shake, shikanji, and buttermilk. If you are looking for something different to cool your body in summer, then you can consume Gond Katira. Gond Katira, rich in many medicinal properties, has a cooling effect. Dietician and nutritionist Manpreet Kalra says that consuming Gond Katira in summer keeps the body hydrated and also helps in avoiding heat-related problems. Let us know about the way to consume Gond Katira in summer and its benefits.

Benefits of consuming Gond Katira in Summer

Makes immunity strong

Experts say that consuming Gond Katira in summer strengthens the immunity. Gond Katira contains an adequate amount of Vitamin C, which helps in keeping the body safe from viruses and bacteria. Besides, its nutrients also protect from the problem of heat stroke and heat waves in summer.

Improves digestion process

People’s digestive system often becomes weak during the summer season. Due to this, problems like stomach ache, vomiting, and constipation occur. In this situation also, the consumption of Gond Katira is very beneficial. Dietician Manpreet Kalra says, “The fiber present in Gond Katira helps in maintaining proper digestion. Due to this, there is no problem like stomach ache and constipation.” Also, it softens the stool, which keeps the stomach healthy.

makes skin beautiful

In summer, people often start having skin problems due to lack of water, sunlight and heat. Gond Katira is also very beneficial in providing relief from this type of problem. Gond Katira helps in reducing skin wrinkles and reducing aging. Besides, it also reduces pimples, acne, and pimples occurring in summer.

beneficial for bones

Gond Katira contains an adequate amount of calcium, which helps in strengthening bones and teeth. People who often suffer from bone-related problems are advised to consume a limited quantity of Gond Katira daily.

What is the right way to eat Gond Katira?

Dietician and nutritionist Manpreet Kalra has explained in his Instagram post how to consume Gond Katira in summer. For this, first of all soak 3 to 6 grains of Gond Katira in 100 ml water overnight. When Gond Katira gets properly soaked in water, consume it with water.

When should Gond Katira be consumed?

Dietician Manpreet Kalra says that Gond Katira should be consumed after lunch in summer.

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