What are The Health Benefits of Rice Tea?

Rice Tea Benefits: 8 out of 10 people in India cannot start their day without tea. Many people find it difficult to get up from bed if they do not have a sip of tea. Apart from regular milk, leaves, and sugar, many types of tea are becoming famous in India these days. Nowadays people are consuming green tea, lemon tea, and Ayurvedic tea.

The flavor of tea depends on the person. But have you ever tried rice tea? It may sound a bit strange, but rice tea is consumed in large quantities in Jharkhand and some parts of West Bengal. A special type of red rice is used to make rice tea. Today in this article we will tell you about the method of making rice tea and the benefits of drinking rice tea.

Recipe of Rice Tea

  • A special type of red rice is used to make rice tea.
  • To make rice tea, fry it in a pot until it turns black.
  • Now add 3 cups of water to the roasted rice and cook till it boils.
  • After the rice and water boil, add a little ginger and jaggery and cook.
  • After cooking the tea on low flame for 2 to 3 minutes, filter it and serve it hot.

Health Benefits of Rice Tea

1. Makes bones stronger

The rice used to make rice tea is rich in calcium. Calcium proves to be very helpful in strengthening bones and teeth.

2. Prevents anemia

A good amount of iron is found in rice tea. An adequate amount of iron in the body helps in preventing diseases like anemia. Research by the Health Management Information System of India shows that more than 40 percent of people in India are suffering from anemia. This mostly includes women and children.

3. Completes the deficiency of potassium

These days, due to changes in diet, people are facing potassium deficiency. According to health experts, a lack of potassium in the body can cause weakness and fatigue, muscle cramps, digestive problems, nervousness, tingling-numbness in the body, and breathing problems. Consuming rice tea is beneficial in these problems.

4. Helpful in weight loss

Very few calories and fat are found in rice tea. Because milk and sugar are not used in it. Due to being low in calories and fat, rice tea can prove to be very helpful in weight loss.

5. Beneficial for diabetic patients

Diabetic patients are not advised to eat rice, because consuming rice can increase the blood sugar level. However, if rice tea is consumed with salt, it can prove to be very beneficial for diabetic patients.

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