Give These 3 Juices to Children To Increase Their Weight

Weight Gain Juice for Kids: As children grow older, their body parts grow. It is very important for children to increase their height and weight with increasing age. Due to lack of weight, many times the child not only looks lean and thin but the parents also have to face embarrassment.

To increase the weight of children, parents feed them things like almonds, pistachios, milk, and pulses. Not only this, if children gain weight, many parents are ready to feed them the wrong food combinations. If you are also worried about your child not gaining weight, then today we are going to tell you about 5 such juices. Along with increasing the weight of children, these juices will also fulfill the deficiency of nutrients in their body.

3 juices that increase children’s weight

Avocado juice


Avocado is rich in many nutrients. Avocado contains high calories, hence it proves helpful in increasing weight. Consuming avocado juice helps in eliminating digestive problems and improving eyesight. Along with this, avocado juice helps in strengthening the bones of children.

How to make avocado juice

To make avocado juice, take two pieces of avocado and peel them. Put avocado in the mixer and add lemon juice and honey as per your taste and blend it. After blending, give fresh avocado juice to children.

Spinach juice


Small children do not like to eat green vegetables at all. But their eyes like the green color of spinach juice very much. Giving spinach juice to children regularly helps in increasing their weight and obesity. Spinach is rich in iron, which helps compensate the anemia in children’s bodies. Apart from this, vitamins A, B-2, B-6, C, and K are found in spinach which helps in strengthening immunity.

How to make spinach juice

To make spinach juice, first take 100 grams of chopped spinach. Add 1 apple or any seasonal fruit to it and blend. Now filter the ground spinach with the help of a sieve and add lemon juice and salt and give it to the children to drink.

Chikoo Juice for Weight Gain

Chikoo Juice

The taste of sapota is sweet. Sapota contains high calories, hence it is considered helpful in increasing weight. Sapota juice proves to be very helpful in increasing the weight of children. Many times people also call sapota juice as shake. Milk is used in Chikoo shakes, hence both of them are different. Research conducted by NCBI has revealed that consuming sapota helps in fighting digestive problems, insomnia, and depression.

How to make Chikoo Juice

To make sapota juice, first, take 2 to 3 big pieces of it and grind orange in it. As soon as the sapota and orange are ground well, filter it. You can consume this juice by adding a little honey and lemon juice.

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