What are the health benefits of Gajak in winter?

Health Benefits of Gajak

If it is winter season and you do not enjoy gajak and peanuts while sitting in front of the fire, then the entire season becomes useless. Many people like to eat Gajak in winter. Often people not only enjoy Gajak by sitting in front of the fire at night but also sometimes like to eat Gajak as a sweet after the meal. But do you know that Gajak is very good not only for taste but also for health? Many such nutrients are found in Gajak, which work to strengthen the body from the inside.

Winter season has arrived and Gajak is also available in abundance in the market. Therefore, we are going to tell you about the benefits of eating Gajak in the winter season.

Benefits of Eating Gajak

1. The body gets energy

Sesame seeds and jaggery are used to make Gajak. Sesame and jaggery are considered very good for increasing the energy of the body. In many places, jaggery and peanuts are also used to make Gajak. Peanuts also help in increasing the energy of the body.

2. Controls blood pressure

Consuming Gajak during the winter season helps in controlling blood pressure. A sufficient amount of sesamolin is found in the sesame seeds present in Gajak, which can help in controlling blood pressure.

3. Helpful in strengthening bones

Eating Gajak helps in strengthening teeth and bones. Actually, jaggery and sesame are used in making Gajak. Therefore calcium is found in abundance in it. Calcium helps in strengthening teeth and bones.

4. Removes digestive problems

Consuming Gajak relieves digestive problems. A good amount of fiber is found in Gajak, which helps in eliminating digestive problems. Consuming Gajak with jaggery and sesame seeds during the winter season can also relieve problems like constipation and flatulence.

5. The body gets warmth

In the winter season, the body needs warmth to protect itself from the cold winds. Gajak can prove to be very helpful in keeping the body warm. Because jaggery and sesame are found in Gajak and both have a hot nature, hence it helps in keeping the body warm from the inside.

Who should not consume Gajak?

Gajak is hot in nature, hence people who have digestive problems should avoid consuming Gajak. People who are suffering from diabetes should consult a dietician or doctor before consuming Gajak during the winter season.

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