Soy Protein vs Whey Protein: Which One Is Powerful To Build Muscle?

High protein foods are often the main intake recommendations for people who want to build muscle. Most protein supplements are fortified by two types of protein, namely soy protein and whey protein.

Both are needed by the body, but which is better for building muscle: soy protein or whey protein? Find the answer in the review below.

What is the difference between soy protein and whey protein?

Actually, these two types of protein have the same function in the body, namely to build and form tissues, including muscle tissue. However, both have different ways of working in the body.

Whey protein is a protein obtained from animal food sources and is found in milk and its products. While soy protein is found in plant-based protein sources, such as nuts.

Because it is obtained from different sources, the form of the two is also different. This also causes them to be absorbed in different ways. Whey tends to be more easily absorbed by the body than soy.

Of the two, which is better for building muscle?

Until now, many have stated that whey protein is more powerful for building muscle. A study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition stated that whey has a complete range of amino acids and is good for building muscle.

In addition, the study also found that whey can reduce cortisol levels which can reduce muscle mass. So it is very appropriate if you consume this type of protein when you are planning to build muscle.

However, several recent studies have shown that the benefits of soy protein for muscle building cannot be underestimated.

Although soy protein does not have a perfect amino acid chain like whey protein, soy protein contains the amino acids arginine and glutamine.

Arginine is an amino acid that plays an important role in building muscle tissue. Likewise with glutamine which can reduce stress levels in muscles when doing sports, so that muscles are formed more optimally.

So, what should I choose?

Even though whey protein is proven to be more effective at making your muscles big and toned, that doesn’t mean you can ignore the benefits of soy protein. For best results, you can combine the two.

If you decide to take a protein supplement, you can choose a supplement that contains more whey protein. Meanwhile, you can get soy protein from the food you consume.

However, keep in mind that consuming large amounts of protein is not the key to getting the muscle shape you want.

This must be accompanied by physical exercise to build muscle on a regular basis. If the physical exercise you do is not proportional to the protein you consume, then you will find it difficult to get the ideal muscle shape.

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