Not many know, these 8 benefits of sleeping naked for health

Although for some people it feels uncomfortable, it turns out that there are various benefits of sleeping naked that are a shame to miss. For example, making sleep faster and soundly. If you are not used to it, try going to bed without wearing clothes gradually.

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1. Benefits of sleeping naked or naked
2. Tips for sleeping without clothes on

For some, sleeping naked may be seen as something strange or taboo. In fact, taking off all clothes while sleeping can provide various health benefits. What are the benefits of sleeping naked?

Benefits of sleeping naked or naked

Sleep is the right time for everyone to rest the body as well as recharge after a full day of activities.

To get a good night’s sleep and quality, the surrounding environment must be supportive.

If you feel uncomfortable with a room temperature that is too hot, there’s nothing wrong with trying the benefits of sleeping naked. Here are a number of benefits of sleeping naked that you can get.

1. Sleep better

The benefits of sleeping naked may not be realized, but it can actually help you sleep better. This is because when you sleep in clothes, you may not be able to move freely and become hot.

Moreover, if you wear clothes in layers, ranging from underwear, shorts or long pants, or sleepwear, and blankets.

That uncomfortable feeling while sleeping can cause you to have trouble falling asleep or experience other sleep disorders.  As a result, you cannot get sufficient and quality rest time so that the body’s energy cannot fully recover.

The benefits of sleeping naked can be a solution for those of you who feel uncomfortable sleeping wearing clothes so that they can sleep faster and soundly throughout the night.

In addition, it is also important to keep the room temperature cooler when sleeping so that you sleep more soundly.

Experts suggest that the ideal room temperature for sleeping is between 15-19 degrees Celsius.

If the room temperature is too cold or too hot, it can certainly affect you to close your eyes.

2. Sleep faster

For those of you who often have trouble sleeping at night, the benefits of sleeping without wearing these clothes can be tried.

The benefits of sleeping naked can make you close your eyes faster because body temperature is the key to a person’s sleep.

The low temperature will make your body easy to sleep. The reason is, the body will equalize body temperature with the temperature in the surrounding room.

Well, sleeping naked can keep your body temperature low and make you fall asleep faster.

3. Keep skin healthy

In addition to making sleep faster and soundly, the benefits of sleeping naked can actually keep your skin healthy.

This is evidenced in a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology to see if poor quality can hinder the skin’s ability to heal from minor wounds.

The study involved participants who were divided into 3 groups. The group of participants with adequate sleep quality, the group of participants who were sleep deprived, and the group of participants who were not getting enough sleep received additional nutrition.

The results showed that the skin’s ability to heal wounds occurred the fastest in the group of participants with adequate sleep quality.

The benefits of getting enough sleep can help the skin recover quickly from wounds and keep it healthy, especially when done by sleeping naked.

4. Reduce stress and anxiety disorders

When you sleep naked, you may feel more free and tend to fall asleep more easily at night.

A good night’s sleep is very necessary in helping you to reduce stress and anxiety disorders.

5. Healthy vagina

Did you know that the benefits of sleeping without clothes on for women can help nourish the vaginal area?

This is because the use of tight clothing when the body sweats during sleep can increase the risk of yeast infections in the vagina.

As is known, bacteria and fungi like to breed in damp, dark, and warm places.

What’s more, your intimate area is already covered all day by underwear so there is a risk of causing increased moisture in the intimate organs.

Therefore, sleeping with your bra and underwear off can be one way to help your vagina breathe and prevent the risk of yeast infection.

6. Improve sperm quality

Not only women, there are also benefits of sleeping naked for men to be had, namely increasing sperm quality.

According to a study in the journal Human Reproduction, men who sleep wearing tight underwear have the potential to cause blood circulation to their intimate organs to be hampered. As a result, the number of sperm and the quality produced can decrease.

The study, which involved 656 men, found that men who wore boxer shorts had higher sperm counts than those who slept wearing tight underwear.

This can happen because wearing loose underwear or wearing no underwear at all can help keep the testicles cool. An increase in temperature in the scrotum can negatively affect testicular function.

Therefore, occasionally sleeping without using underwear can be the right step to do. Besides being able to keep the testes cool at night, this benefit can help increase sperm count.

7. Increase sex drive

The benefits of sleeping without clothes for men and women can actually increase sex drive while making relationships more harmonious.

Sleeping naked can make you and your partner feel more intimate and free to make skin-to-skin contact during sleep, such as massage, cuddling, to orgasm.

According to a study published in Frontiers in Psychology, the touch of the skin is believed to trigger the production of the hormone oxytocin in the body to increase.

The hormone oxytocin is known to have an important role in the process of building bonds with partners and those closest to them. That way, you and your partner will also be more relaxed in sexual intercourse.

The hormone oxytocin is also able to fight stress and depression by combating the harmful effects of cortisol and reducing blood pressure.

8. Increase self-confidence

The benefits of sleeping naked can build a more positive image of your physique. You will love yourself more and this will lead to increased self-confidence.

Research published in the Journal of Happiness states that spending time sleeping naked can help increase self-confidence so that you can love yourself.

Tips for sleeping without clothes on

If you’re always resting in your clothes and want to try sleeping naked, that’s fine.

For those of you who are not used to it, maybe you can do it gradually. For example, sleeping wearing light clothes, or sleeping wearing only a bra or panties without a shirt, shorts and long pants, and sleepwear.

You also need to choose soft and light sheets to keep your body cool. This is because the rough material of the sheets can irritate the skin and make the body hot.

Also, taking a shower before bed can help keep your sheets clean. Making sure the sheets and bedding in advance can prevent you from risking unwanted skin disorders.

If the room temperature is too cold, try setting the air conditioner mode or using more blankets.

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