5 Attitudes That Symbolize Malaysians Are Dirty When Using Toilets

Since 1994, the Malaysian government has launched a clean toilet campaign. However, until today, there are still many public toilets that have not reached a satisfactory level of cleanliness.

From 2014 – 2016, the government has spent almost RM60 million to repair and build new toilets across the country. However, what is sad, the attitude of a few people is still the same even though most of the toilets have been upgraded.

If our country wants to drive forward to become a developed country, old attitudes and habits that have been ingrained in the soul of the community need to be changed and need to start forming a more civilized society. Remember, even small changes such as using the toilet well can have a big impact on the next generation.

We believe, no one likes and feels comfortable when entering a dirty toilet. It’s even more disgusting if the unpleasant smell is accompanied by a visual that can suffocate the chest. Therefore, let us all try not to do the following things when using public toilets:

1. Squatting on the toilet seat

Squatting on the toilet seat

If you are amused to sit touching on the toilet, know that other people are also amused to see the soles of your shoes on the surface of the toilet. Furthermore, squatting on a toilet seat is actually dangerous and your body mass can damage the toilet.

Solution: You can spray water first and use a toilet tissue to cover your back from hitting the toilet lid. Make sure you dispose of the tissue before leaving the toilet.

2. No toilet pump

This is the most basic thing in toilet etiquette. People say, ‘good at eating, good at saving.’ The same concept should be practiced when using the toilet. Be good at ‘dumping’, be good at pumping.

Have you ever walked into a closed toilet like this? Often this closed toilet is a cryptic trap that can leave anyone emotionally disturbed until the next day.

What’s wrong with flushing first before going out? If the toilet pump is broken, spray or pour water in a bucket/water bottle and pour into the toilet bowl until the water runs clear. Pity the cleaners and repairmen who have to deal with your excrement.

Solution: Make it a practice to flush the toilet every time you finish using the toilet. Think of the public toilet as your own toilet at home. Would you leave the toilet unflushed at home? Of course not, right? You yourself can’t stand the smell of your ‘relics’, not to mention other people. So let’s try to be more considerate, shall we?

3. Leaving the water hose on the floor/toilet hole

Leaving the water hose on the floor-toilet hole

Would you choose to use the toilet with the hose like this or be willing to wait for the toilet next door to finish? Know that this attitude of letting the host hang around is an inappropriate and very uncivilized act.

Solution: Hang the hose back to the original place. If the handle hook is damaged or broken, you can wrap the hose around the faucet head. Never leave a hose idle on the floor or worse in a hole like the one above.

4. Dispose of trash

This is another habit of many Malaysians that needs to be scrapped. People say you can be allergic, it’s normal. Do you really behave like this at home? Just leave the child’s rotten pampers by the sink. And stuff sanitary napkins in the trash as long as possible. If it doesn’t fit, just throw it on the floor. So?

Did you know that your attitude in public reflects your true personality?

Do you like being labeled a dirtbag?

Is this what your religion advocates?

Solution: Learn to throw away the child’s diapers in the trash bin provided. It’s not difficult and you don’t have to spend money. If the bin is full, get out and find another bin. Or you can wrap the garbage first in a small plastic bag, you can throw it away when you get home.

5. Stuff the Garbage into the Toilet Hole

Stuff the Garbage into the Toilet Hole

Did you know that toilets and septic systems cannot process anything other than your ‘waste’? All non-degradable materials eventually need to be separated during the treatment process and this requires high maintenance costs.

In addition, the habit of throwing garbage into the toilet hole can also cause the toilet to become clogged.

Although you think that materials such as cotton buds, dental floss, wet wipes and facial tissues are easy to pump, in fact these materials cannot be decomposed by themselves. It will accumulate and eventually clog the toilet and plumbing system.

Hmmm. Even cigarette butts can’t be disassembled, not to mention cigarette boxes!

Solution: Do not occasionally throw anything even into the toilet hole. Use the trash can provided. You can change it!

Finally, love the public toilet as you love the toilet at home. Malaysians on average want service and facilities that are tip top and first class, but are our mentality and attitude at the same level? Think about it.

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