Know When To Stop Breastfeeding Your Baby

Mother’s milk is the complete food for a newborn baby. But after 6 months, giving solid food to the baby is started. Such as lentil water, mashed banana, rice, and soup. Along with this diet, many babies also continue to breastfeed. But some children remain dependent on breastfeeding even till the age of 1 year. But it is not so easy to break this habit. Let us know when and how to give up the habit of breastfeeding.

  • After 6 months, when the baby starts taking solid food apart from the mother’s milk. From then onwards you gradually change this habit. If the baby is breastfed at night, you can give formula milk before sleeping. If the child’s stomach is full then he will fall asleep easily.
  • Whenever your baby gives signals to breastfeed, try to feed him something new. For example, make a habit of feeding semolina kheer to your baby by coaxing it. Because after 6 to 8 months it is necessary to give complementary foods to babies.
  • Whenever the child is worried about breastfeeding, you should divert the child’s attention to other things.
  • Feed the baby only once a day. Apart from this, you keep feeding at regular intervals. Kheer as soon as you wake up in the morning, mashed banana after some time, pulses or pulse water in lunch. By doing this the baby will experience new tastes.
  • If you want, you can reduce the feeding time of the baby. That means, get fed only when it is very important.
  • There is nothing better than breastfeeding for babies. But breastfeeding should be stopped at the right time.

After 6 months, solid food also provides adequate nutrition for the baby. You can also start giving mashed pulses, rice, paneer, boiled potatoes. Because for the good growth of children, it is necessary to have fibre, carbohydrates and vitamins in their diet.

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