Is Your Baby Sitting In a “W” Position?

When children start sitting, their behavior is very different. If you have noticed, children mostly sit with their legs behind them. Or they sit in a W shape. But is this method right? Many parents are worried about this. Whether this way of sitting for children is right or not?

When children sit with their legs in a ‘W’ shape, it is very comfortable for them. But this becomes a problem later on. Let us know what are the disadvantages of children sitting like this

  • Sitting in this position makes the thigh muscles stiff. If the child does not change this habit then it affects the behavior of the child.
  • There is a possibility of stiffness in the legs of children due to sitting in this position.
  • While doing any kind of sports activity, the child’s posture is affected.
  • The effect of sitting in a W position is visible on the back of the child.
  • If your child also sits like this then you should be alert. You can solve this problem of children yourself.
  • Whenever the child tries to sit like this, distract the child’s attention.
  • Massage your child’s feet daily.
  • Running: Yes, encourage your child for this activity.
  • Include calcium and vitamins in children’s diet.

Sitting in the W position also affects the health of children. If the child is not changing this habit then you must consult a doctor.

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